The-Heart-of-Amilcar-Cabral-coming-soonAmilcar Cabral’s life – the father of 3 African nations (Angola, Cape Verde and Guine Bissau) captured in 58 minutes docudrama. It took 14 years to make the movie – please support completing the last step on Indiegogo!

Los Angeles March 29, 2016 – Txan Film, an award winning independent film and visual art production company, dedicated to responsible and culturally relevant productions, representing the Pan-African Diaspora, announces the launching of “The Heart of Amilcar Cabral” Crowdfunding campaign.

The story of one man’s journey is the latest film produced and directed by first multi-award winning filmmaker of Cape Verde, Guenny K. Pires.

On 14th of March Txan Film, a group of Cape Verdean-American, independent and socially responsible filmmakers launched a Crowdfunding campaign to complete the postproduction of the movie on THE HEART OF AMILCAR CABRAL. The movie will be released this summer and the campaign is aiming at $25,000 USD in 60 days.

THE HEART OF AMILCAR CABRAL an epic 58-minute poignant docudrama chronicling the poignant and profound vision of Amilcar Cabral, a statesman who called for the liberation of the African continent and freedom from the tyranny of the Colonial Empires. As topics like race, identity and social justice – the issues that Amilcar Cabral had to deal with are more relevant and urgent than ever today, it’s essential to remember heroes like him to avoid mistakes of the past. And that’s the mission of the movie.

The campaign encourages everyone to donate, spread the world and be a part of this docudrama that will serve as a testament to the power of hope in the human spirit. The supporters will be rewarded with posters, copies of DVD of THE HEART OF AMILCAR CABRAL and name immortalized in the movie credits among others.

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Txan Films was founded in 2005 by Guenny K. Pires, was born in a small African village on Fogo Island, Cape Verde, West Africa. The company is based in Los Angeles and its mission is to tell stories that may not otherwise be heard and to give a voice to those who do not have access to mass media. Recently rewarded on West 72 Festival, Cape Verdean American Film Festival, Cape Verdean International Film Festival, and Africa House Film Festival.

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