The Providence Community Safety Act is a city-wide proposed ordinance that aims to hold police accountable and make our communities safer. Developed by community members and organizations who are frustrated with police harassment and lack of accountability, the CSA has 12 key points that outline how police officers should interact with community members. These points range from video recording to traffic stops to the gang database. A summary of the key points as well as the full act of the ordinance can be found on our website, providencecommunitysafetyact.wordpress.com

In order for the CSA to be passed, 8 City Councilors need to vote yes, and in case of a veto by Mayor Jorge Elorza, 10 City Councilors need to vote yes to overturn the veto. Currently, we have 6 Councilors who have publicly supported the CSA so the Coalition is working on securing 4 more Councilors that have been identified as potential supports to state their support. These four Councilors are JoAnn Ryan, John Igliozzi, Bryan Principe, and Sam Zurier. The Coalition is also working to ensure that Mayor Elorza does not veto the ordinance while raising awareness on the importance of this proposed ordinance.

If you are interested in more information, please contact our coordinator, Vanessa Flores-Maldonado at vanessa@prysm.us.