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Trust is underwriting the vast majority of headlines in the news cycle this week. It is supremely important to many people even if it takes on a variety of forms.

One example is whether one can trust Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Both campaigns were beset by scandals within the past ten days on the basis of trust. Can we trust Donald Trump to not behave like an overgrown hormonal teen-aged pig around women? Can we trust Hillary Clinton to not further consolidate the power of the financial sector over the political system if elected to the Presidency?

Neither question provides encouraging answers.

Trump is a despicable narcissist without a shred of humility or civility apparently. The fact he carried on in conversation with another man about treating women like a beast is only further accentuated by one fact, that this revelation was allowed to be kept under cover for years as a result of the conspiracy of silence that is rape culture in America. The liberal news media participated in that conspiracy and sensationalized such behavior only when it would benefit the corporate Democratic Party that is one of its major sponsors and not beforehand. Think long and hard about that fact when you ponder whether one can trust the media.

Furthermore, why did the Trump tape even break into the headlines? It was made into a distraction to divert public attention from the actual scandal of the WikiLeaks Podesta email dump. It is difficult for me at this moment to describe how much muck there is to rake there because I did not have the time this weekend to do so. But it is pretty clear from even with this disadvantage that Clinton is not just pushing but sprinting like a reindeer connected to the sleigh of the Democratic Party towards the political coordinates that the Rockefeller Republicans occupied half a century ago. Combined with the WikiLeaks release of the further material regarding the TPP/TTIP/TISA behemoth one comes away with the solid impression that Hillary Clinton is the reincarnation of Barry Goldwater. She lies to the Democratic base despite this and, apparently out of desperation, progressives are going to continue to vote for her. These revelations betray a blatant agenda that will betray the public trust in the American social contract. My colleagues in the left press like Jeffrey St. Clair have released some (admittedly witty) analyses of the revelations that further expand on this. When it comes to the Democrats, trust no one. The WikiLeaks cache even has shown that Chairman Comrade Bernie Sanders was manipulated by the Clintons and that there was not much to trust in him from early on.

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In simple terms, it is very clear, however, that one important group has placed their trust in the Democrats, the 1%. They have fled into her “big tent” and therefore made the Donald the de facto mainstream candidate of the 99% despite alienating a significant portion of that group due to his overt white nationalist sentiments and statements. He opposes the TPP, the hawkish foreign policy towards Russia, said he would replace ObamaCare with single-payer Medicare for all, and also said he would not privatize Social Security. That is unfortunate but still the case, the 1% has totally rebuked Trump and the only elements of the GOP superstructure remaining fully in support of him are the lunatic fringes.

There’s very little to trust these days.


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