The recent application to expand the Achievement First charter school in Providence is a controversial one that has generated a great level of consternation within the educational community. In order to better understand what is at play with this material, Councilman Sam Zurier filed a report with City Council and allowed me to interview him so to discuss his findings.

Simultaneously, Linda Borg reported on December 2:

State Education Commissioner Ken Wagner strongly endorsed an application by Achievement First charter school to more than triple its current enrollment to 3,112 students by 2026-2027. Wagner, in a lengthy brief to the Council of Elementary and Secondary Education, concluded that the charter school proposal is “both academically and economically prudent and will result in high-quality academic opportunities for Rhode Island’s students — particularly for the approximately 15,000 students that currently attend a Providence school that’s been identified for many years as in need of dramatic improvement.”


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Simultaneously, Jaisal Noor at The Real News Network hosted Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report to discuss the background of Betsy Devos, Donald Trump’s proposed Education Secretary.

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