From the beginning of this organization’s existence, one of the major concerns we wished to address was healthcare for workers in media who do not have healthcare coverage or who need extra help in this regard. While the impending inauguration of Donald Trump has sounded alarms for many, the plain fact is that the Affordable Care Act was on the brink of collapse regardless of who won on Election Day, caused in no small part by the actions of Aetna when they were blocked from a large corporate merger last fall.

In the face of this, the time is ripe for such freelancers to form a cooperative that would provide health insurance coverage. Such measures are quite tenable and would work in the following fashion:

  1. Form a pool of insurance consumers
  2. As a group purchase a plan from the HealthSource RI insurance exchange.
  3. Compliment this plan with individual Health Savings Accounts that can be used to cover copays and deductibles in obtaining treatment and prescriptions.
  4. Have peace of mind about health care.

It really is that easy. Join the RI Media Coop today and begin taking a journey with us to improve healthcare for freelancers in the Ocean State.