I am sorry for the short notice with this request, but I just found out about that this hearing is scheduled for this Wed. I will be leaving
Tuesday afternoon to go to NH to testify to the criminal justice and safety committee for the hearing on Wed. I would like to bring as many letters of support with me from local organizations as I can.

I am seeking letters of support of NH HB297

Bill Title: Establishing a committee to study decriminalizing sex work.

The back story, last year Rep Edwards brought forth a bill to decriminalize prostitution, HB1614.

They voted to send it to intern study, she made a YouTube of the hearing and she took a screen shot of the roll call sheet. 2 weeks later the committee chair who had opposed the bill, informed Rep Edwards that the paperwork was lost on its way to the clerks office so they took another vote when Rep Edwards wasn’t present and killed the bill.

Here is a 12 minute YouTube of Rep Edwards defending the bill and explaining all of this and the bill got killed by 7 votes

So since they have the same chair of the committee as they did last year, Rep Edwards thought it best to bring forth a bill to “Establishing a committee to study decriminalizing sex work.”

A letter of support only needs to be a few paragraphs. Amnesty International Policy is a great place to copy text from.


Thank You