In order to make sure that there is no effort to diminish the events of Saturday, March 25, 2017, I wanted to just state for the record that there were literally neo-fascists in the pro-Trump rally that I spoke with. This is not hyperbole and this is not slanderous, they were open and proud about being nationalists.

Here is what one of them looked like:

This guy with the beard is a fascist. One of the twerps hanging with him said he admired Eoin O’Duffy. Wikipedia says:

An anti-communist, O’Duffy was attracted to the various authoritarian nationalist movements on the Continent. He raised the Irish Brigade to fight for Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War as an act of Catholic solidarity and was inspired by Benito Mussolini‘s Italy to found the National Corporate Party. He offered to Nazi Germany the prospect of raising an Irish Brigade to fight in Operation Barbarossa during World War II on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union, but this was not taken up.

On March 26 at 1:08 AM a white nationalist website like Stormfront featured on one of its message boards photographs taken by pro-Trump demonstrators earlier in Providence. Out of respect for privacy and safety of counter-protestors, I am not going to post links or the pictures. However, this is important to understand because it indicates the dangerous direction things are moving in politically and ideologically. We are literally watching emerge a fascist presence that is being given support and justification by mainstream politicians and media figures.


Here is more footage from the rally that speaks for itself.

This is footage taken by the Trump supporters that sheds light on the degree of xenophobia in the crowds.

And here is one of their Twitter accounts:

I think this is all that needs to be said in conclusion:

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