Are you a Rhode Islander who supported the Green Party presidential campaign of Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker in 2020? Do you live in the Ocean State and wish to see a viable third party emerge reflecting your Green aspirations and values?

Then the Ocean State Green Party wants to talk with you!

Following the May 2020 decision of the Green Party of Rhode Island to not petition for the national Green Party’s presidential ticket to be placed on the state ballot and to instead support voting for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, a group of Hawkins/Walker supporters in RI challenged the national accreditation of the Green Party of RI, who in turn chose to disaffiliate from the national Green Party. These Hawkins/Walker supporters have formed the Ocean State Green Party, which is currently applying for accreditation with the Green Party of the United States.

We Ocean State Greens exist to be wholly independent of the two-party system which has failed our state and our country. We are intersectional, anti-imperialist, and ecosocialist. We invite all Rhode Islanders who share our values and wish to build a strong counterweight to politics as usual to connect with us via

This Survey!

For more information about the OSGP, visit our website!