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  • Twin Peaks Play Fête on June 9 June 9, 2017
    Hailing from Chicago, garage rockers Twin Peaks come to the senses with a shredding sound that few can match. The band – guitarists Cadien Lake James and Clay Frankel, bass guitarist Jack Dolan, keyboardist Colin Groom and drummer Connor Brodner – unleash unbridled passion with every song. Their latest album Down in Heaven that came […]
  • Album of the Week: Joshua Black Wilkins’ Rogue June 7, 2017
    It’s interesting how music can sound when it finds a perfect balance: When it walks a fine line between different styles, it gains a whole new identity that reflects the personality of the artist playing it. Nashville songwriter Joshua Black Wilkins unleashes that and more with his 10th album Rogue that came out on June […]
  • Dispatch Celebrates Release of America, Location 12 at Newbury Comics June 5, 2017
    It’s hard to pin down another act from New England that has had more success than the indie-roots band Dispatch over the past 20 years. Their initial final concert in 2004 at the Hatch Shell in Boston was attended by over 160,000 people, the biggest crowd an independent act had played for at the time. […]
  • Album Of The Week: Land Of Talk’s Life After Youth May 31, 2017
    Montreal musician Elizabeth Powell has a captivating style. Her band Land Of Talk has a fuzzed-out rock sound that touches on both shoegaze and alternative. Her lyrics are poetic and personal, while her voice adds an operatic dimension that’s spellbinding. Land Of Talk’s third album, Life After Youth, which came out on May 19, encompasses all […]
  • An Interview with Lucy Dacus May 19, 2017
    When her debut album, No Burden, came out in February 2016, Lucy Dacus made her grand entrance into the music realm with authority. Her bluesy and soulful indie rock style immediately impressed folks and she caught a buzz overnight. She has become a sought-after live performer with her fan base growing every time she takes […]
  • Album Of The Week: Wavves’ You’re Welcome May 19, 2017
    Naming a band after something you fear is strange, but at least there’s some honesty that comes with it. Regardless of his thalassophobia, San Diego musician Nathan Williams and his surf pop punk outfit Wavves have their sixth album, You’re Welcome, that’s due out on May 19. Williams is joined by Stevie Pope on bass, […]
  • Beach Slang Rocks The Met On May 12 May 12, 2017
    Some bands have an objective of capturing the moment. They artistically infuse the thrills of live music into their sound and they become an energetic juggernaut. Carrying the punk flag high in the 2010s, Philadelphia’s Beach Slang are one of those bands. Lead by guitarist and vocalist James Alex, this act exudes excitement and amplification […]
  • Album Of The Week: Gorillaz’s Humanz May 10, 2017
    Being a virtual band, Gorillaz definitely have a look that comes with their music. 2-D is short, lanky and goofy, Murdoc Niccals looks like a cross between Frankenstein and Keith Richards, Noodle is a petite Japanese badass and Russel Hobbs is a big and rotund drummer with a knack for transforming into various beings. Realistically, […]
  • Bad Rabbits Perform at The Met on May 5th May 4, 2017
    Let’s face it: Cinco De Mayo is a bastardized holiday. Much like St. Patrick’s Day, most people view it as an excuse to get drunk on whatever alcohol they deem appropriate and make complete fools of themselves. It’s the pre-summer edition of amateur hour that ignores that the day commemorates an unlikely victory that the […]
  • Album Of The Week: Slowdive May 3, 2017
    Versatility doesn’t have to abide by an age. As long as the talent is there, it doesn’t matter how much time an artist takes off. What matters is starting again and reminding others that the talent has always existed. English indie rock legends Slowdive are back with a self-titled full-length that’s due out on May […]

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