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  • H.R. from Bad Brains at POP, Dec 16 December 12, 2017
    In the world of punk, fewer frontmen are more iconic than Paul “H.R.” Hudson. During the ‘80s he led Washington, DC act Bad Brains to be one of the most influential bands of the decade. His intensity was unrivaled and no one could match the amount of energy he had on stage. These days he’s […]
  • Album of the Week: The Quins – Beech Hill December 12, 2017
    There are certain acts that artistically go beyond any specific style, and The Quins fit into that exclusive group. The act from East Bridgewater, MA, has a little bit of jam and a smidge of funk to go with a classic rock-influenced alternative sound. Their second album, Beech Hill, is going to be released on […]
  • Don’t Break Down, A Film About Jawbreaker: Columbus Theatre, Dec 9 December 5, 2017
    There’s a case to be made that ‘90s punk legends Jawbreaker have a big influence on underground music these days. So many bands now similarly walk the line between heart-on-the-sleeve emo and rambunctious punk, the way guitarist and vocalist Blake Schwarzenbach, bass guitarist Chris Bauermeister and drummer Adam Pfahler did in their heyday. The band’s […]
  • Album of the Week: The Monsieurs – Deux December 5, 2017
    If there’s anything that the 21st century has taught us about music so far, it has to be that bands with unconventional lineups often pack the most punch. The White Stripes, The Kills and Death from Above come to mind. In Boston, there’s a garage punk band known as The Monsieurs who don’t look like […]
  • Ripe Funks Up The Met, Dec 2 December 1, 2017
    When it comes to up-and-coming acts from New England, Ripe has to be near the top of the heap. These funk-soul party starters from Boston have been drawing huge audiences all around the region and they’re about to explode. From the first note, people immediately start dancing and jumping. These guys have an infectious sound […]
  • Album of the Week: Latvian Radio – Pick Your Poison, Pick Your Blues November 29, 2017
    New York musician Patric Westoo brings a stellar take on the powerpop style whenever he writes a song. His lyrics have a unique substance to them that maintain a slight catchiness while riding a groove. He also isn’t afraid to try different things in each song, there’s no redundancy involved and there’s an entertaining listening […]
  • Night Before Thanksgiving in RI: 5 Things to Do November 21, 2017
    [Although all information is believed accurate at time of publication, everything is subject to change, especially pricing. – Ed.] The holidays are a wonderful time of the year. There’s stuffing your face full of food, catching up with family and enjoying new gifts from loved ones. There’s also the night before these holidays where people […]
  • Album of the Week: Joel Gion November 21, 2017
    It’s funny how a musician can go from playing tambourine for one of the most talented psychedelic rock acts of the century to putting out a legit solo record. That’s exactly what Joel Gion did when he put out his self-titled second release on Nov 17 via the Brooklyn indie label Beyond Beyond is Beyond. […]
  • Album of the Week: The Dayoffs November 14, 2017
    New York City is such a widely diverse place that there’s a good chance any two people from different backgrounds can come together to create something. For example, a Russian punk rocker can collaborate with a Japanese sound engineer and start a shoegaze band. That’s what happened when Vladimir Komarov and Atsuo Matsumoto got together […]
  • Cat Has Claws Release Oh Well EP at Dusk, Nov 16 November 14, 2017
    By walking the fine line between synthpop and alternative rock, Cat Has Claws staked their claim to being one of the most talented acts in Providence’s music scene. Julie Bozek has stunning skills on electric guitar while the sonic tones of Matt Hebert on synth and keyboards are fantastic; their dual harmonies make them shine […]

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