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  • Microplastics Poisoning Our Water and Air October 12, 2017
    In September 2017, Damian Carrington, an environmental editor at the Guardian, reported on drinking water contamination due to microplastic waste and how billions across the world are drinking plastic-contaminated water. As reported in a study published by OrbMedia, scientists tested tap water from more than a dozen nations across the globe and found that 83% […]
  • Tar Sands Companies to Blame for Increasingly Common Hazardous Spills October 12, 2017
    Three major oil companies—Kinder Morgan, TransCanada, and Enbridge—have been responsible for spilling a combined 63,000 barrels of hazardous materials since 2010, Tim Donaghy and Lawrence Carter reported for Greenpeace UK’s Unearthed. These three companies are currently involved in four controversial pipeline projects—including TransCanada’s Keystone XL project and Enbridge’s Line 3—that Donaghy and Carter described as […]
  • Opportunity for Rights of Nature Arises Due to Maori Success October 12, 2017
    In March 2017, the government of New Zealand officially recognized the Whanganui River—which the indigenous Maori consider their ancestor—as a living entity with rights. By protecting the Whanganui against human threats to its health, the New Zealand law established “a critical precedent for acknowledging the Rights of Nature in legal systems around the world,” Kayla […]
  • Homelessness as a Global Social Problem October 12, 2017
    “The continuation of homelessness,” Joseph Chamie wrote in a July 2017 report for YaleGlobal Online, “reflects denial and the lack of political will to address poverty and many other issues.” Describing homelessness as “a mark of failure for communities in providing basic security,” Chamie’s study detailed difficulties in determining how much of the world’s population […]
  • Media’s Blind Spot for Low-Income Victims of Natural Disasters October 12, 2017
    Only one-fifth of homeowners in the Houston area affected by Hurricane Harvey had flood insurance. So, what happened to the other four-fifths, not to mention those who rented the properties that they call home? As Janine Jackson reported for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), in covering Harvey, CNN and other establishment news outlets reported […]
  • The “Gap-Within-a-Gap”: How Education Affects the Gender Wage Gap October 12, 2017
    Men in Seattle are earning significantly more money than women with the same education levels and in the same profession, Chris Winters of YES! Magazine reported in August 2017.  “The gender-pay gap in Seattle nearly inversely correlates to women’s level of education,” Winters reported. “In other words, the higher the degree a woman has, the […]
  • A Note on Research and Evaluation of Censored News Stories October 6, 2017
    How do we at Project Censored identify and evaluate independent news stories, and how do we know that the Top 25 stories that we bring forward each year are not only relevant and significant, but also trustworthy? The answer is that each candidate news story undergoes rigorous review, which takes place in multiple stages during […]
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  • #25 Juvenile Court Fees Punish Children for Their Families’ Poverty October 4, 2017
    Low-income children across the US are being imprisoned when they or their families cannot afford to pay court fees, Nika Knight reported in Common Dreams. Aside from court costs, low-income children also face fees for probation, health tests, care, and other services in juvenile facilities. This amounts to “punishing children for their families’ poverty,” Knight […]
    Project Censored
  • #24 Eight Use of Force Policies to Prevent Killings by Police October 4, 2017
    Killings by police are not inevitable or difficult to prevent, according to a September 2016 study by Campaign Zero, a police-reform group formed in the aftermath of the Ferguson protests. The study, “Police Use of Force Policy Analysis,” examined police departments in ninety-one of the nation’s largest cities and found that departments with stricter use […]
    Project Censored
  • #23 Facebook Buys Sensitive User Data to Offer Marketers Targeted Advertising October 4, 2017
    Julia Angwin, Terry Parris, Jr., and Surya Mattu reported that, since 2012, Facebook has been buying sensitive data about users’ offline lives from data brokers and combining this information with the online data it collects in order to sell this information to advertisers who seek to target specific types of Facebook users for their products […]
    Project Censored


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  • Trudeau’s NAFTA demand against U.S. “right to work” is all show October 21, 2017
    ST. LOUIS—Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s demand that any “new NAFTA” require the U.S. to repeal states’ “right to work” laws is “all show,” a top Canadian labor editor says. But the fact Canada’s leader also had to make that demand, during a prior round of new NAFTA talks in Mexico City, also shows the […]
    Mark Gruenberg
  • University of Chicago Research and Teacher assistants vote to unionize October 21, 2017
    CHICAGO—By a more than 2-to-1 ratio, graduate teaching assistants and research assistants at the University of Chicago, one of the nation’s elite private universities, voted on October 19 to unionize with the Illinois Federation of Teachers/AFT and the American Association of University Professors, who ran a joint campaign there. The final tally was 1,103-479 with […]
    Mark Gruenberg
  • Brazil: Oligarchy versus the Amazon rainforest October 20, 2017
    In Brazil, we have a national parliament that seems to be working at a double-quick speed for the disintegration of all civilized norms in the country, whether in labor legislation, social security, or other relevant spheres. In May 2017, the Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of parliament) approved an amendment to the statutory limits […]
    Marcos Costa Lima
  • A worker’s guide to Trump and the GOP’s “tax reform” October 20, 2017
    For 40 years, tax cutters in Congress have told us, “we have a tax cut for you.” And each time, they count on us to suspend all judgment. In exchange, we’ve gotten staggering inequality, collapsing public infrastructure, a fraying safety net, and exploding deficits. Meanwhile, a small segment of the richest one tenth of 1 […]
    Chuck Collins
  • UFCW, top anti-poverty group oppose chicken industry speed-up scheme October 20, 2017
    WASHINGTON—An utter lack of speed limits may be a good idea on empty expressways in Germany, but it’s a terrible idea for chicken plant processing lines in the U.S., the union representing poultry processing workers says. Which is why the United Food and Commercial Workers, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Oxfam and other organizations to […]
    Mark Gruenberg
  • Senate prepares budget blueprint to ram through tax cut for rich October 20, 2017
    WASHINGTON—By a 51-49 margin on the evening of October 19, the Senate, along party lines, passed a budget blueprint for the fiscal year that started this month – a blueprint whose main function is to clear the way for a big tax cut for the rich. Only Sen. Ron Paul, R-Ky., voted against his party’s […]
    Mark Gruenberg
  • Labor media convenes and celebrates in St. Louis October 20, 2017
    ST. LOUIS—Scores of labor communicators from the U.S. and Canada have gathered in this city for the convention of the International Labor Communications Association (ILCA), which immediately precedes the national AFL-CIO convention next week. They represent print and online publications of the labor movement—educators, electrical workers, utility workers, government employees, laborers, and building workers, and […]
    Eric A. Gordon
  • Brian Willson, a profile in pacifist courage at the Awareness Film Festival October 19, 2017
    LOS ANGELES—“In America, if you say ‘Brian Wilson,’ people think the Beach Boys, but in Nicaragua if you say ‘Brian Willson,’ people think of the peace activist,” said Frank Dorrel, associate producer of Paying the Price for Peace: The Story of S. Brian Willson & Voices from the Peace Movement. Dorrel made his comments at […]
    Ed Rampell
  • U.S. and Cuban scientists meet in Havana October 19, 2017
    Top U.S. and Cuban Science academies held a joint symposium in Havana, Aug. 14-17. While President Trump takes actions to reverse President Obama’s normalization of U.S.-Cuba relations, scientists of the two countries are moving closer together. Leading the U.S. scientists was Rush Holt, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Peter […]
    Beatrice Lumpkin
  • ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’ is still a work in progress October 19, 2017
    If official media reports are to be believed, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and President of the People’s Republic, recently told the Politburo that a profound understanding of Marxism on the part of the country’s leadership was essential. He warned his colleagues that any abandonment of Marxism would cause […]
    Bennett Guillaume

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