Andrew Stewart: The Public Pension Reform Scheme is Coming Your Way

For the past several months, I have been taking a…


Chris Hedges interviews Michael Hudson, UMKC economics professor and author…

Bill Watterson: Invent Your Life’s Meaning (Comic)

William Boyd “Bill” Watterson II (born July 5, 1958) is…


Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 7:30pm Economics and 2016’s Presidential…


Alexander Cockburn was a Left journalist and writer whose website…

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  • The Symbiotic Relationship between White Supremacists and Trump’s White House August 21, 2017
    On August 18, 2017, in the aftermath of right-wing violence at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Steve Bannon resigned from his post as “Chief White House Strategist” and returned to Breitbart, where he was hailed as a “populist hero.” “The populist-nationalist movement got a lot stronger today,’ said Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex […]
  • Ike’s Dystopian Dream, and How It Came True August 9, 2017
      The following article was originally published as a chapter in Mickey Huff, Andy Lee Roth, and Project Censored, Censored 2017: Fortieth Anniversary Edition (New York: Seven Stories Press, 2016). Join our mailing list here to be the first to get the book. The post Ike’s Dystopian Dream, and How It Came True appeared first on […]
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  • Tip of the Day: The Unfair and Imbalanced Culture of Sexual Harassment at Fox News May 9, 2017
    By Julie Frechette Bill O’Reilly’s abrupt dismissal from Fox News in April serves as a long, hard fought victory for those who have called him out for his sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and classist rhetoric.  Over the past two decades, viewers of Fox News have been subjected to O’Reilly’s histrionic tirades against women, people of […]
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  • Fighting Fake News With Mickey Huff May 8, 2017
    This week, we present a speech delivered in April by the Project Censored Show’s co-host Mickey Huff. His topic was ‘fake news,’ and how to resist it. He spoke at Sonoma State University, as part of the campus’s annual Social Justice Week. Mickey Huff is director of Project Censored, co-host of the Project Censored radio program, […]
    Project Censored
  • The Project Censored Lecture Series – This event is FREE! May 3, 2017
    The Project Censored Lecture Series Hosted by Professor Mickey Huff Tuesday, May 9th, 6:30 P.M. Aqus Café 189 H Street Petaluma, CA This event is FREE! Dr. Peter Phillips of Sonoma State University and his Investigative Sociology Student Research Teams for Spring Semester 2017 Present Their Findings: On the Rental Housing Crisis in Sonoma County: Fair […]
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  • Orange Is The New Black, Black Lives Matter, and Project Censored Student Researchers May 1, 2017
    The program begins with a discussion of how TV depicts female inmates; is “Orange Is The New Black” a step forward in public understanding? Next, what’s happened to media coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement since Donald Trump took office? Finally on the program, three Project Censored student researchers at San Francisco State University […]
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  • War: Missing from Public Response to Trump, but Urgent May 1, 2017
    By Marc Pilisuk The US air strikes in Syria last week were conducted without Congressional authorization. They foreshadow a dangerous military escalation in the Syrian civil war and have no legal justification. The excuse was retaliation against the barbaric use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians authorized by Bashar Al-Assad. But the rush to retaliate […]
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  • The US Drone Warfare Program April 20, 2017
    Today’s show is devoted to the US drone warfare program, its consequences for targeted populations, and activists’ efforts to stop it. Selay Ghaffar with the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan joins in by phone from Kabul, and explains who the actual victims of drone strikes are. And three California peace activists (Toby Blome, Eleanor Levine and […]
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  • Citizenships and Censorships in a Digital World” as part of the 26th Annual Kenneth S. Devol First Amendment Forum at California State University, Northridge April 11, 2017
    Project Censored’s Andy Lee Roth will be giving a talk on “Citizenships and Censorships in a Digital World” as part of the 26th Annual Kenneth S. Devol First Amendment Forum at California State University, Northridge on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. This year’s Devol Forum—which examines the connections between government censorship and the right to be a […]
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  • The Pentagon Money Pit: $6.5 Trillion in Unaccountable Army Spending and No DoD Audit April 11, 2017
    According to a July 2016 Department of Defense Inspector General (DODIG) report, $6.5 trillion of Army Spending allocated to the Pentagon have no paper trail and no audit has been made by the Department of Defense (DOD) for the past two decades to resolve this issue. In other words, David Lindorff reported that “the Department […]
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  • Chicago residents losing their home under a major viaduct August 23, 2017
    Chicago’s homeless community was served a 30-day notice to evacuate the viaducts at Lawrence and Wilson avenues. The collective of displaced individuals, who have long called “Tent City” their home, range from young to old; several have found themselves dealing with the reality of limited housing options in a city with rising rent costs. Uptown […]
    Michelle Zacarias
  • Phoenix: Act Two of Trump’s reactionary double feature August 23, 2017
    After spending Monday night rallying the neo-conservative military establishment to his side with a pledge for perpetual war in Afghanistan, President Donald Trump returned to his right-wing populist base in Phoenix yesterday with a rehashed election campaign speech full of distortions and threats against his many foes, real and imagined. The two-night Trump double feature […]
    C.J. Atkins
  • Sanders, unions, and allies kick off Midwest “pickup truck tour” vs. Trump August 23, 2017
    INDIANAPOLIS — Led by now-famous retired Steelworkers Local 1999 President Chuck Jones and Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ind-Vt., unionists and their allies kicked off a 2-week “pickup truck tour” through the Midwest on August 21 to tell people how GOP President Donald Trump isn’t saving jobs. And campaigners want him to do so by signing an […]
    Mark Gruenberg
  • Congressional leaders: “It’s time to wind down this perpetual war” August 23, 2017
    WASHINGTON (PAI) — Congressional Progressive Caucus leaders and the only lawmaker to oppose the original congressional resolution sending troops to Afghanistan are denouncing GOP President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan troop commitment plan. In an August 21 speech from Fort Myer, Va., just across the Potomac River from D.C., Trump committed more troops to Afghanistan, accompanied by […]
    Mark Gruenberg
  • Trump on Afghanistan: Protect profits and to hell with everything else August 22, 2017
    President Trump announced to the nation last night that he has traded in his alleged one-time support for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan for a policy of perpetual war. Saying he “always opposed” timelines for withdrawal, he left open the possibility that U.S. troops could stay there forever. The 16-year-long war in that country, […]
    John Wojcik
  • Workers collect 300,000 plus Missouri signatures to stop right to work for less August 22, 2017
    ST. LOUIS (PAI) — Workers and their allies capped a successful petition drive by collecting more than 300,000 notarized signatures of voters to put repeal of Missouri’s controversial so-called “right to work” law on the referendum ballot in November 2018. The petitions, turned in to Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft weeks ahead of the mandatory […]
    Tim Rowden, Press Associates Inc.
  • Brazilian legislators drop Temer corruption investigation, thus indicting themselves August 22, 2017
    Introductory Note: Lucivania Nascimento dos Santos is a vice president of the National Association of Post-Graduates in Brazil. In the article below, she shares her interpretation of the vote in the Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of the Brazilian national Congress) which on August 2 decided, by a vote of 263 to 227, to […]
    Lucivania Nascimento dos Santos
  • Demolition of Virginia’s Confederate icons gains momentum after Charlottesville August 22, 2017
    The issue of the hundreds of statues, monuments, schools, streets, and highways that bear the names of long-dead Confederate soldiers and politicians continues to roil the state of Virginia. The state chapter of the NAACP, the ACLU, and many other organizations have been calling for these names to be changed. Yet there are still powerful […]
    Emile Schepers
  • Today in history: Women’s Equality Day—we need it more than ever! August 21, 2017
    On this day 97 years ago, in 1920, after a 72-year struggle, women in the United States won the right to vote with ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. The constitutional amendment had first been introduced in 1878. Women’s Equality Day has been proclaimed each year by the president to commemorate this democratic […]
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  • N. Korea editorial could have gone further: Withdraw all U.S. troops August 21, 2017
    Re: Trump’s Nagasaki Day threat of nuclear war must be rejected Eric Brooks says: The People’s World article “Trump’s Nagasaki Day threat of nuclear war must be rejected” was excellent. Thank you. I suggest that the demand put forth by the editorial board could be strengthened beyond pressing our elected officials to advocate for peace, […]
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