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  • Should We Pay the Staggering Economic and Human Costs of Nuclear Weapons? December 11, 2017
    This October, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that its estimate of the cost for the planned “modernization” the U.S. nuclear weapons complex over the next three decades has risen to $1,200,000,000,000.00.  For those of you not familiar with such lofty figures, that’s $1.2 trillion.  Furthermore, when adjusted for inflation, the cost of the […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • Jeremy Corbyn is right about global inequality, and John Rentoul is wrong December 9, 2017
    Arch Blairite John Rentoul claimed that Jeremy Corbyn’s “complaint about growing global inequality is not based on facts” Corbyn had said “The growing concentration of unaccountable wealth and power in the hands of a tiny corporate elite, a system many call neoliberalism,…has sharply increased inequality, marginalisation, insecurity and anger across the world,” Chu’s article, contrary […]
    Joe Emersberger
  • A brief note on a LONG article by John Lee Anderson. New Yorker editors should make corrections December 6, 2017
    John Lee Anderson rambled on for over 7,600 words in a New Yorker article about Venezuela. I’ll highlight some quotes from Anderson’s article and respond to them below: In all, a hundred and twenty protesters died in the fighting, and on two occasions National Guardsmen and chavista loyalists stormed the National Assembly to assault opposition legislators. […]
    Joe Emersberger
  • A good piece by Adam Johnson: “WaPo’s One-Sided Cheerleading for Coup and Intervention in Venezuela” December 4, 2017
    This is a very well done piece that Adam Johnson wrote for FAIR: “WaPo’s One-Sided Cheerleading for Coup and Intervention in Venezuela” I’d only add that while many people will see through the Trump administration, even the Obama admin, when it comes to foreign policy, this isn’t as likely when the basic US/corporate media position is echoed […]
    Joe Emersberger
  • The Peace Movement and Electoral Politics December 4, 2017
    Although the U.S. peace movement has been on the wane for about a decade, it remains a viable force in American life.  Organizations like Peace Action, the American Friends Service Committee, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Jewish Voice for Peace, and numerous others have significant memberships, seasoned staff, and enough financial resources […]
    Lawrence Wittner

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  • Free Listings November 18, 2017
    Events ECONOMICS – The Union For Radical Political Economics at the Eastern Economic Association will hold its annual conference January 5-7 in Philadelphia, PA. Contact:; TORTURE/GUANTANAMO – Witness Against Torture will return to Washington, DC, January 7–14 for the 2018 Fast for Justice, to offer public witness to close Guantanamo, end indefinite detention, […]
    Compiled by Joel Chaffee
  • Beyond Harvey and Irma November 18, 2017
    Until Trump moved into the White House, however, senior military officers in the Pentagon were speaking openly of the threats posed to American security by climate change and how that phenomenon might alter the very nature of their work.
    Michael T. Klare
  • Beating Big Pharma November 18, 2017
    There is enormous public support for drug pricing reform, with national polls showing that 77 percent of Americans consider drug prices to be unreasonable.
    Fran Quigley
  • Education and Economics November 18, 2017
    Take the very nature of corporations. They’re based on what’s called “limit liability,” meaning if you’re a partner in a corporation and the corporation carries out mass murder, the participants aren’t guilty of it. So corporate mass slaughter is a huge phenomenon
    Noam Chomsky
  • An Honest Conversation About Vietnam November 18, 2017
    More than four decades past the end of that imperialist adventure, having a serious discussion about it remains taboo.
    Pete Dolack
  • Sexual Assault Victim Cannot Sue West Point November 18, 2017
    The facts of the case portray a misogynist environment at West Point, a Hudson Valley institution that trains future military officers
    Stephen Bergstein
  • The Trump-Goldman Sachs Tax Cut For The Rich November 18, 2017
    Trump has introduced his long-awaited tax cut, estimated between $2.0 to $2.4 trillion. Like so many other distortions of the truth, Trump claimed his plan would benefit the middle class, not the rich—the latest in a long litany of lies by this president. Contradicting Trump, the independent Tax Policy Center has estimated that in just […]
    Jack Rasmus
  • Flag Idolatry Is a Pathology That Crushes Real American Values November 18, 2017
    Mindless obedience has long been a goal of self-appointed patriots, wrapping themselves in the flag to defend indefensible domestic injustice or criminal wars (both of which we have more than our share these days). There is no meaning in the demand to “respect” any abstract symbol, much less one as drenched in horrifying contradiction as […]
    William Boardman
  • The Violence Comes Home Again November 18, 2017
    In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, as in the wake of all the high-profile mass shootings that preceded it, the big question looms: Why?
    Robert Koehler
  • Don’t Punish the Dreamers November 18, 2017
    The “dreamers,” young recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, more than anyone are the true children of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) —they have paid the price for the agreement. Yet they are the ones punished by the administration of President Trump
    David Bacon


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  • Bipartisan Bill Might Seed the Future of Organic Farming
    Maine representative Chellie Pingree in May introduced the Organic Agriculture Research Act of 2017 (H.R. 2436), which proposes more than doubling the program’s funding to $50 million per year through 2023, with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Support for the legislation has been picking up steam, with more than 50 new co-sponsors (47 Democrats, […]
    Lisa Held
  • 'This. Is. Big.': After Years of Pressure, World Bank to Drastically Curb Funding of Fossil Fuels
    As world leaders convene at the One Planet Summit on the second anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, environmental advocates are cautiously celebrating the "historic announcement" by the World Bank on Tuesday that it will stop funding oil and gas exploration and production projects after 2019. Though responded to the news by saying "more […]
    Jessica Corbett
  • How an Exporter Used Forbidden Fruit to Cheat U.S. Consumers
    SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - Ricardo Rudin Mathieu ran a racket. He put labels bearing the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s organic seal on boxes of pineapples grown conventionally with chemicals.
    Richard Read
  • EPA Allowing Widespread Use of Unapproved Pesticides, Study Finds
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has routinely been allowing use of unapproved pesticides under the pretext of an "emergency" when no actual emergency exists, according to an analysis released Monday by the Center for Biological Diversity.
    Center for Biological Diversity
  • Organic Consumers Association Responds to Handsome Brook Lawsuit
    Ronnie Cummins, international director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), said this today in response to a lawsuit filed against the nonprofit by Handsome Brook Farm: “This lawsuit is a reactionary attempt to distract from a lawsuit filed last year by OCA against Handsome Brook. That lawsuit seeks to address Handsome Brook’s sale of eggs […]
  • A Nasty, Nafta-Related Surprise: Mexico's Soaring Obesity
    Few predicted when Mexico joined the free-trade deal that it would transform the country in a way that would saddle millions with diet-related illnesses. SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico — William Ruiz Sánchez spends his days grilling burgers and slathering fried hot dogs with pepperoni and cheese at his family’s restaurant. Refrigerators and fire-engine red […]
    Andrew Jacobs
  • Big Spring vs. Big Oil
    Like many folks in the parched oil patch north of Big Spring, Charles Phillips had taken notice of the football field-sized pits of water popping up at the edges of cotton fields, as well as the fat, serpentine water lines crisscrossing the county roadways. All signs pointed to the possibility that someone was developing his […]
    Christopher Collins
  • Monsanto Could Not Have Foreseen PCB Risk, Court Affirms
    A federal appeals court on Friday upheld a lower court ruling that biotech giant Monsanto Co. could not have foreseen the risk of alleged contamination from PCBs in a Massachusetts middle school. The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston ruled in Town of Westport v. Monsanto Co. that the Massachusetts town had “failed to raise […]
    Rob Lenihan
  • Dirt Shirts and SITO: Promoting Organic Apparel and Eco-Friendly Fashion
    The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification is the platinum standard for organic apparel, tracking the cotton from farm to final packaging through every step of the supply chain. Dirt Shirt T-shirts are made from organic cotton grown in Texas, and all of the manufacturing takes place in the U.S. Dirt Shirt proceeds are donated to […]
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • France Awards 'Make Our Planet Great Again' Grants to US Climate Scientists
    Earlier this year, when US President Trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, Emmanuel Macron expressed its disappointment and reassured climate scientists that France will always welcome their expertise. In his speech in June, he said: “To all scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs who were disappointed by the decision of the President of the United […]
  • Robert Reich: We Must Stop This Pernicious Legal Assault on the Resistance
    Have you heard of SLAPP lawsuits? You soon will. SLAPP stands for “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.” It is a lawsuit brought by big corporations intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the overwhelming costs of a legal defense until they’re forced to abandon their criticism or opposition.
    Robert Reich
  • How to Make the Best & Cheapest Organic Weed Killer
    You’ve heard about Roundup – that “miracle” weed killer created back in 1970 by a Monsanto chemist, John Franz, who discovered that glyphosate is a powerful herbicide that can kill just about every type of plant material you can think of. Farmers in particular were wild for it, but there was one serious drawback, it […]
  • Monsanto Offers Cash to U.S. Farmers Who Use Controversial Chemical
    CHICAGO (Reuters) - Monsanto Co will give cash back to U.S. farmers who buy a weed killer that has been linked to widespread crop damage, offering an incentive to apply its product even as regulators in several U.S. states weigh restrictions on its use.
    Tom Polansek
  • Don’t Put a Monsanto Hire in Charge of Chemical Safety! December 11, 2017
    Who does Trump want to become the country’s top regulator of toxic chemicals? Michael Dourson, a guy who previously ran a consulting company that defended toxic chemicals on behalf of companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, DuPont—even the Koch Industries. TAKE ACTION: Don’t Put a Monsanto Hire in Charge of Chemical Safety! When companies like Monsanto […]
  • Pesticide's Reprieve Met With Relief From Farmers, but Fear on Health Front
    Even though farmers must follow strict rules in applying chlorpyrifos, it is nonetheless polluting the state’s waters. About 10 of Minnesota’s lakes and streams are or soon will be listed by state regulators as impaired by chlorpyrifos, a number that could grow. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has named it one of three “pesticides of […]
    Josephine Marcotty

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  • Is Narrative The Whole Point? A Response to Jason Lee Byas December 13, 2017
    Obviously, I strenuously object to anarchism being classified as a “liberal” — I find Jason Lee Byas’ attempt to reclaim that term profoundly misguided and I’ve written my thoughts on this before. Jason claims that fascism cannot survive in liberalism and so seeks to disrupt it, but this is ass-backwards in a lot of ways....
    William Gillis
  • Non Svendete l’Oro Rosso December 13, 2017
    Di Enrico Sanna. Originale pubblicato il 12 dicembre 2017 con il titolo Don’t Sell the Red Gold Away. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. La mia città natale, San Gavino Monreale, in Sardegna, è il più grande produttore italiano di zafferano. Lo zafferano è una tradizione plurisecolare. I primi bulbi (la spezia si estrae da un fiore)...
    Enrico Sanna
  • Don’t Sell the Red Gold Away December 12, 2017
    San Gavino Monreale, in Sardinia, is my birth-town. It’s also the single biggest producer of the spice called saffron in Italy. We call it also red gold for its color and price. Saffron is a tradition that dates back centuries. The first bulbs (the spice is extracted from a flower) were cultivated around the XIII...
    Enrico Sanna
  • On Antifa’s Critics December 7, 2017
    I’m old enough that I can remember when even showing up to oppose fascists was considered controversial. Never mind the fact that the best way to stop racist scum from organizing in public is through a strong show of resistance, or that NOT having a show of resistance on the ground helps fascists in their...
    Naomi Edhellos
  • El gobierno de los bienes comunes, por Elinor Ostrom December 7, 2017
    Ostrom parte de señalar el problema del agotamiento de recursos naturales – lo que ella llama «Recurso de uso común» — y pasa luego a evaluar tres grandes teorías complementarias en gran medida («conceptos estrechamente relacionados») que intentan explicar «los numerosos problemas que enfrentan los individuos cuando intentan obtener beneficios colectivos»: «la tragedia de los...
    Mario Murillo
  • Cosa Significa “Libero Mercato”? December 7, 2017
    Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato il 27 marzo 2016 con il titolo Does “Free Market” Even Mean Anything? Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Le parole “il nostro sistema di libero mercato” dovrebbero provocare un certo allarme in chi le legge. Vedi ad esempio l’articolo intitolato “Nobel Prize Economists Say Free Market Competition Rewards Deception and Manipulation”,...
    Enrico Sanna
  • Beyond the Whack-A-Mole of No Platform December 6, 2017
    In my first post, I explicitly avoided phrases like “No Platform,” “de-platform,” “denying fascists a platform,” etc., because they’re used to refer ambiguously between some strategies that are good and some that are bad. I still think that’s true, but here I’ll be using those terms in a way that allows for that ambiguity. This...
    Jason Lee Byas
  • We Must Defeat Fascism by Any Means Necessary December 5, 2017
    Fascist movements are made with political violence. At any stage of their development they pose a threat to the safety of individuals they target. As fascism gains momentum it becomes a threat to society in general. If national leaders open the doors of political power to fascists, disaster results. Authoritarian nationalists, like those currently in...
    Darian Worden
  • A Pacifist’s Take on Punching Nazis December 4, 2017
    In this piece I ask readers of whatever anti-fascist persuasion to contemplate critiques of stereotypically violent no-platforming as well as defenses of that controversial practice. Though I’m personally guided by a utopian vision of anarchist nonviolence, I’m not convinced popping Richard Spencer in the face conflicts with this dream. It’s a long slog from here...