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  • On Fighting The Toxic President June 23, 2017
    Five principles for fighting the toxic President Rolf Auer, Tuesday 20 June 2017 US President Donald J. Trump is toxic because: • He is anti-democratic. He claims massive voter fraud in the election which made him President, while there is no evidence of this. He incited his followers at his rallies with chants of “Lock […]
    Rolf Auer
  • Practical Utopia June 16, 2017
    I recently published a new book titled Practical Utopia with PM Press who I thank for accepting it and doing such a nice job of producing it. I just received my advance copies in the mail. Noam Chomsky did the preface and had this to say in it: “It is true that ‘the new cannot […]
    Michael Albert
  • Green Time TV: Responsibility and Food June 15, 2017
    Green Time TV Responsibility and Food by Don Fitz Showing stewardship of the Earth and providing food are intimately connected. July 2017 Green Time episodes explore humanity’s duty to protect nature and how failure to do so threatens our food supply. How can Christian congregations approach problems such as species extinction, fossil fuels and food […]
    Don Fitz
  • National Illusions and Global Realities June 11, 2017
    For as long as they have existed, nations have clung to the illusion that their military strength guarantees their security. The problem with this kind of thinking is that the military power that one nation considers vital to its security fosters other nations’ sense of insecurity.  In this climate of suspicion, an arms race ensues, […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • The Toronto Globe & Mail says Venezuelan opposition trying to starve the poor into rebellion June 10, 2017
    One could on and on about the many ways this article by Stephanie Nolan is hideously biased in favor of the Venezuelan opposition, like 99% of everything you’ll see in the corporate media. But sometimes, because of that very bias, journalists are uninhibited enough to let some explosive truths be stated – deep into articles anyway. […]
    Joe Emersberger

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  • Undermining Our Survival: Daniel Falcone Interviews Noam Chomsky May 25, 2017
    Right now, the United States is supporting Saudi Arabian military attacks and a famine policy—a starvation policy—overt policy of starvation in Yemen that is going to kill tens of thousands of people; it already is, in fact.
    Noam Chomsky
  • Trump And The Courts May 25, 2017
    As a candidate, Trump displayed a shocking misunderstanding of settled constitutional values. On one occasion, he suggested that flag burners go to jail and lose their citizenship. He has also repeatedly threatened to change the libel laws to make it easier to sue the media over perceived falsehoods
    Stephen Bergstein
  • Deportation May 25, 2017
    Ever since he rode a Trump Tower escalator into the presidential race in June 2015 and swore to build his “great wall” and stop Mexican “rapists” from entering the country, undocumented immigrants have been the focus of Donald Trump’s ire. Now that he’s in the Oval Office, the news has been grim. A drumbeat of […]
    Avi Chomsky
  • Killer Drones in the Empire State May 25, 2017
    From January 2012 to February 2013, those drone attacks in northeast Afghanistan killed more than 200 people, but only about one-sixth of them were the intended targets
    Norman Solomon
  • Austerity Never Ends May 25, 2017
    No, you can’t really make this stuff up: orthodox economists continue to tell us that the reason for ongoing economic stagnation is that wages and unemployment benefits are too high. Yes, that’s right. You haven’t suffered enough
    Pete Dolack
  • Book Review May 25, 2017
    Witness to the Revolution repeatedly underscores how much vitriol some had to endure as elites attacked both the messengers and the message in the student, vet, Black Power and anti-war movements.
    Andy Piascik
  • Is Trump Really President? May 25, 2017
    Is it a presidency where he makes his late night calls to his moneybag friends, like the billionaire Mercers and others, to find out “How am I doing guys’’? while the rest of the representatives of the economic and political elite run the show? Is this a Trump presidency or a government by Generals-Goldman Sachs-Pence, […]
    Jack Rasmus
  • A Blight On The Planet May 25, 2017
    What would happen if a social balance sheet, as well as financial one, had to be filed every year and companies continually in a deficit position would eventually disappear?
    Yves Engler
  • The Hunger President May 25, 2017
    There are now 1.4 million children at risk of dying from famine. No one apparently has shown Donald Trump, or his daughter Ivanka, any photos of these at-risk children. So, the U.S. president is comfortably ignoring this statistic.
    John Feffer
  • Challenging Israel’s Past May 25, 2017
    Israel has resorted to three main strategies to suppress Palestinian calls for justice and human rights, including the Right of Return for refugees. One is dedicated to rewriting history; another attempts to distract from present realities altogether; and a third aims at reclaiming the Palestinian narrative as essentially an Israeli one
    Ramzy Baroud


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  • End the Hypocrisy: Let Us Trade with Cuba June 23, 2017
    Last week, President Trump announced intentions to roll back the Obama administration’s opening of relations between the U.S. and Cuba. Trump called for stricter enforcement of the ban on Americans visiting Cuba as tourists, as well as doing business with Cuba’s Armed Forces Business Enterprises Group.
    James C. Wilson
  • Book Review: Things That Can & Cannot Be Said June 23, 2017
    With all the attention given to last month’s release of Chelsea Manning, whose sentence was only commuted by the Obama administration after it became politically convenient, we must not overlook the fact that the Obama administration also had the opportunity to pardon another famous whistle-blower.
    James C. Wilson
  • Book Review: The Diamond Age June 23, 2017
    Neal Stephenson. The Diamond Age: or, a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer (1995). In Four Futures Peter Frase poses, as a thought experiment, an “anti-Star Trek”: a world that shares the same technologies as Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s post-scarcity communist society, but in which those technologies of abundance are enclosed with “intellectual property” barriers so...
    Kevin Carson
  • Wanted: Journalists, Researchers, Investigators! June 19, 2017
    Hey! Are you an anarchist? Are you a researcher, journalist, autodidact or amateur gumshoe? Do you have a pet project, topic of research or big, explosive story sitting under your pillow, waiting to be published? Email Investigations Coordinator Trevor Hultner at for information about an upcoming C4SS project.
    Trevor Hultner
  • Politics and Anarchist Ideals June 18, 2017
    This piece is the tenth essay in the June C4SS Mutual Exchange Symposium: “Anarchy and Democracy.” A fundamental difference between anarchism and statism is that anarchists do not assume that public officials are any more morally entitled to use force or to threaten people with violence than anyone else.
    Jessica Flanagan
  • Il Regime della Libertà June 18, 2017
    Di Grabriel Amadej. Originale pubblicato il 13 giugno 2017 con il titolo The Regime of Liberty. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Questo è il settimo saggio della serie June C4SS Mutual Exchange Symposium: “Anarchy and Democracy.” Il rapporto tra democrazia e anarchismo è indubbiamente controverso. Nella sua opera Del Principio Federativo[1], Pierre-Joseph Proudhon evidenzia l’importante lascito...
    Enrico Sanna
  • La Demolizione del Demos June 17, 2017
    Di Grayson English. Originale pubblicato il 14 giugno 2017 con il titolo Demolish the Demos. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Questo articolo e l’ottavo saggio del June C4SS Mutual Exchange Symposium: “Anarchy and Democracy.” Da qualche tempo all’interno dell’anarchismo aleggia un certo spirito democratico. Certo, quando si parla di ingiustizia statalista e autoritaria, ci sentiamo spinti...
    Enrico Sanna
  • Anarchism as Radical Liberalism: Radicalizing Markets, Radicalizing Democracy June 16, 2017
    Classical liberalism emerged as a radical ideology, challenging the status quo of monarchy, mercantilism, religious tyranny, and the ancien regime. The liberals promoted two ideals, markets and democracy, as alternatives to the old despotisms. Yet markets and democracy seemed to be at odds.
    Nathan Goodman
  • The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 170 June 15, 2017
    Ramzy Baroud discusses the 1967 Israeli-Arab war and its aftermath, Nicolas J. S. Davies discusses the War on Terror, Thomas L. Knapp discusses why the torture report should be leaked, Jacob G. Hornberger discusses an assassination that took place in D.C, Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the penalization of Bert Sacks, and more!
    Nick Manley