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  • Should the U.S. Government Abide by the International Law It Has Created and Claims to Uphold? February 19, 2019
    The Trump administration’s campaign to topple the government of Venezuela raises the issue of whether the U.S. government is willing to adhere to the same rules of behavior it expects other nations to follow. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, U.S. foreign policy was characterized by repeated acts of U.S. military intervention in Latin […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • Amnesty International modifies its position on US sanctions and threats against Venezuela February 8, 2019
    Last year, I asked Amnesty International for its position on US economic sanctions against Venezuela. I also asked Amnesty’s position on the threats US officials have made against Venezuela’s government, including open encouragement of Venezuela’s military to perpetrate a coup. Last year, Amnesty replied that it took “no position” on US economic sanctions. Regarding US […]
    Joe Emersberger
  • Don’t Expect Rulers of Nuclear-Armed Nations to Accept Nuclear Disarmament―Unless They’re Pushed to Do So February 7, 2019
    At the beginning of February 2019, the two leading nuclear powers took an official step toward resumption of the nuclear arms race.  On February 1, the U.S. government, charging Russian violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, announced that it would pull out of the agreement and develop new intermediate-range missiles banned by it.  […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • ‘Populism’ is a deliberately meaningless term January 24, 2019
    Use of the term ‘Populism’ is a deliberately vague misdiagnosis of our world’s problems. It lumps all change that might threaten the status quo as the same chaos, the danger of populism. Every politician must be elected by popular vote, so to diagnose some as populist is meaningless. It is to spook the very idea […]
    Antonio Carty
  • As Nations Get Ready for Nuclear War, Their Governments Work to Create the Illusion of Safety January 24, 2019
    Ever since the U.S. atomic bombings of Japanese cities in August 1945, a specter has haunted the world―the specter of nuclear annihilation. The latest report from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, issued on January 24, reminds us that the prospect of nuclear catastrophe remains all too real.  Citing the extraordinary danger of nuclear disaster, […]
    Lawrence Wittner

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  • 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Cheers 'Beginning of Great Changes' as Climate Strike Goes Global
    The world may be edging toward "environmental breakdown"—but 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg sees signs for hope. Pointing to global walkouts planned for March 15, Thunberg—whose "school strikes for climate" helped galvanized similar actions worldwide—said, "I think what we are seeing is the beginning of great changes and that is very hopeful."
    Andrea Germanos
  • The Case for Funding a Green New Deal Through Government Debt
    The Green New Deal has recently been promoted by a group of Democrats, including the inspirational Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I first came across it in a report in 2008 by the Green New Deal group, most of who are pictured below a decade later (hat-tip: Andrew Simms).
    Simon Wren-Lewis
  • Trump EPA OKs 'Emergency' to Dump Bee-Killing Pesticide on 16 Million Acres
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported last week that in 2018 it issued so-called "emergency" approvals to spray sulfoxaflor—an insecticide the agency considers "very highly toxic" to bees—on more than 16 million acres of crops known to attract bees.
  • Tell Congress: Consumers Want Labels on GMO Salmon!
    We think the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) was wrong to approve GMO salmon. But it did.The least the FDA can do now is require clear labels on a genetically engineered food product that some scientists agree poses risks to human health and the environment.TAKE ACTION: Tell your members of Congress to support the […]
    Alison Rose Levy
  • US Government Says 'Pink Slime' Can Now Be Called Ground Beef
    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has now reclassified the product once dubbed “pink slime,” a meat filler product described as “lean finely textured beef,” as “ground beef.” Beef Products Inc (BPI), the South Dakota manufacturer of the product, has received approval from USDA to label its product as “ground beef.”
    Sarah Harvard
  • Top Tips to Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder
    Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that occurs seasonally, typically ramping up in the fall and winter months and disappearing come spring. It's been estimated that as many as 20 percent of Americans are affected by SAD each winter.
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • How Urban Agriculture Can Improve Food Security
    During the partial federal shutdown in December 2018 and January 2019, news reports showed furloughed government workers standing in line for donated meals. These images were reminders that for an estimated 1 out of 8 Americans, food insecurity is a near-term risk.
    Miguel Altieri
  • You Call That Meat? Not So Fast, Cattle Ranchers Say
    In recent weeks, beef and farming industry groups have persuaded legislators in more than a dozen states to introduce laws that would make it illegal to use the word meat to describe burgers and sausages that are created from plant-based ingredients or are grown in labs. Just this week, new meat-labeling bills were introduced in […]
    Nathaniel Popper
  • Monsanto Roundup Attacks Healthy Gut Bacteria, Lawsuit Says
    Monsanto Co. has been sued by thousands of farmers and others who blame their cancers on its massively popular Roundup weedkiller. Now Germany’s Bayer AG, which bought the agriculture giant last year, faces a claim that it deceived home gardeners about Roundup’s impact on their gut bacteria and their health.
    Lydia Mulvany
  • Monsanto Roundup Attacks Healthy Gut Bacteria, Lawsuit Says
    Monsanto Co. has been sued by thousands of farmers and others who blame their cancers on its massively popular Roundup weedkiller. Now Germany’s Bayer AG, which bought the agriculture giant last year, faces a claim that it deceived home gardeners about Roundup’s impact on their gut bacteria and their health.
    Lydia Mulvany
  • Raging Against Plastic: New Investigation Exposes Supermarket's Role in Plastic Pollution
    The looming threat of plastic pollution is one of mankind's greatest challenges. With more than 381 million tons of plastic produced worldwide each year, it's no surprise the waste ends up in our soil, lakes, rivers and oceans, as well as in the bodies of humans and wildlife.
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • Bill Gates Donates $15 Million to Campaign Pushing GMOs on Small Farmers Around the World
    The Gates Foundation is funding a campaign to “end world hunger” by promoting GMO technology. The organization has hired 400 “science ambassadors” to influence agricultural policy in 35 countries.In the last four years, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated a total of $15 million to two global campaigns aimed at “ending world hunger” […]
  • What the Pesticides in Our Urine Tell Us About Organic Food
    When Andreina Febres, a mother of two living in Oakland, California, signed up for a study evaluating whether an organic diet could make a difference in the amount of pesticides found in her body, she didn’t know what researchers would find. But her family, and the three others across the country that participated, would discover that […]
    Kendra Klein
  • The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn on the Green New Deal
    "I really don't like their policies of taking away your car, taking away your airplane flights, of ‘let’s hop a train to California,’ or ‘you’re not allowed to own cows anymore!'” So bellowed President Donald Trump in El Paso, Texas, his first campaign-style salvo against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey’s Green New Deal resolution. There […]
    Naomi Klein
  • Regenerative Agriculture Can Make Farmers Stewards of the Land Again
    For years, "sustainable" has been the buzzword in conversations about agriculture. If farmers and ranchers could slow or stop further damage to land and water, the thinking went, that was good enough. I thought that way too, until I started writing my new book, "One Size Fits None: A Farm Girl's Search for the Promise […]
    Stephanie Anderson

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  • L’importanza di Quentin Meillassoux per i Radicali February 18, 2019
    Di Eric Fleischmann. Originale pubblicato il 6 febbraio 2019 con il titolo The Importance of Quentin Meillassoux for Radicals. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Quentin Meillassoux è un filosofo francese contemporaneo e docente presso la Sorbona di Parigi. È poi parte di quel movimento che Ray Brassier, filosofo anche lui nonché traduttore di alcune opere di...
    Enrico Sanna
  • Roderick Long on Bullshit Jobs February 16, 2019
    This month, C4SS Senior Fellow Roderick Long was featured in Reason magazine with a review of David Graeber’s Bullshit Jobs: A Theory. “Bullshit jobs” are defined by Graeber as “so completely pointless, unnecessary, or pernicious that even the employee cannot justify [their] existence.” The book discusses the rise of such jobs in the modern economy, pointing fingers squarely...
  • Recensione: New York 2140 February 13, 2019
    Di Roderick Long. Originale pubblicato il 25 gennaio 2019 con il titolo Review: New York 2140. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Kim Stanley Robinson, New York 2140, Fanucci Editore, 2017. Kim Stanley Robinson è tra i migliori scrittori di fantascienza attivi. Tra i temi ricorrenti dei suoi libri l’ecologia, la ricerca archeologica, la politica anticapitalista e l’ineluttabile...
    Enrico Sanna
  • The Importance of Quentin Meillassoux for Radicals February 6, 2019
    Quentin Meillassoux is a contemporary French philosopher and a teacher at Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris. He is also part of the movement that Ray Brassier, a fellow philosopher and translator of some of Meillassoux’s work, christened “speculative realism.” This disparate group is connected almost solely by a rejection of correlationism—which is the notion that we...
    Eric Fleischmann
  • “Libero Scambio”, “Libero Mercato” e Libertari di Destra February 5, 2019
    La versione esoterica e quella essoterica Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato il 28 gennaio 2019 con il titolo Right-Libertarian “Free Trade” and “Free Markets”: The Exoteric, and Esoteric Vision. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Quinn Slobodian. “Perfect Capitalism, Imperfect Humans: Race, Migration and the Limits of Ludwig von Mises’s Globalism”1 Contemporary European History (2018), 0: 0, 1-13....
    Enrico Sanna
  • Shutdown for Now—How to Shut It Down for Good! February 4, 2019
    The United States government recently shut down for the longest stretch in history: the government spent one-month in deadlock between its Democratic-majority Congress and Republican President Donald Trump over a budget resolution. President Trump proposed a deal temporarily reinstating protections for people who immigrated to the United States without documentation while minors in exchange for...
    Joseph Parampathu
  • Divinità e Obbedienza nel Pensiero Anarchico January 31, 2019
    “Per te la libertà è il demonio” Di Jules Elysard. Originale pubblicato il 26 gennaio 2019 con il titolo ”Liberty, for you, is the Devil”: Divinity and Subordination in Anarchist Thought. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Vieni, Satana, vieni, tu che sei calunniato da preti e monarchi! Lascia che ti abbracci, lascia che ti stringa al mio petto! ~...
    Enrico Sanna
  • C4SS Featured in Two Podcasts January 30, 2019
    C4SS scholars were recently featured in two different podcasts. As a philosophy, left-wing market anarchism sometimes has a hard time finding a home — but the flip side is that our ideas are relevant to discussions in a few different political contexts. Recently, C4SS scholars were featured in two seperate podcasts — William Nava’s “Who...
    Alex McHugh
  • New Podcast from C4SS: Mutual Exchange Radio January 29, 2019
    We’re excited to announce the launch of a new project from the Center for a Stateless Society: Mutual Exchange Radio. This new podcast on anarchist thought, hosted by Zachary Woodman, brings together a wide variety of guests, from academics, to on-the-ground activists, to Center scholars, to entrepreneurs to discuss the latest developments in the philosophy...