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  • Imagine a World with U.S.-China Cooperation October 10, 2021
    On September 10, 2021, during an important diplomatic meeting that occurred by telephone, U.S. President Joseph Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping affirmed the necessity of a better relationship between their two nations.  According to the official Chinese summary, Xi said that “when China and the United States cooperate, the two countries and the world […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • The Fate of Cassandra: Dire Predictions Go Unheeded September 20, 2021
    In ancient Greek mythology, Cassandra was a priestess who was able to predict the future but unable to convince others to act upon her prophecies. The fate of Cassandra seems particularly relevant today, for there has been ample warning about three developments that threaten continued human existence—preparations for nuclear war, climate change, and disease pandemics—without, […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • Building Social Solidarity Across National Boundaries August 29, 2021
    Is it possible to build social solidarity beyond the state? It’s easy to conclude that it’s not.  In 1915, as national governments produced the shocking carnage of World War I, Ralph Chaplin, an activist in the Industrial Workers of the World, wrote his stirring song, “Solidarity Forever.”  Taken up by unions around the globe, it […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • Alex Saab, Afghanistan, and the limits of US power August 25, 2021
    The US government will (perhaps within a month) probably succeed in extraditing businessman Alex Saab from Cape Verde. His “crime” was being an official envoy for the Venezuelan government as he attempted to negotiate the sale of medicines from Iran to Venezuela. US sanctions have declared such activity illegal. Saab was on his way to […]
    Joe Emersberger
  • Baby Teeth and the Damage to Public Health Caused by U.S. Nuclear Weapons Tests August 15, 2021
    By Lawrence Wittner and Joseph Mangano In 2020, Harvard University’s T. C. Chan School of Public Health began a five-year study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, that will examine the connection between early life exposure to toxic metals and later-life risk of neurological disease. A collaborator with Harvard, the Radiation and Public Health […]
    Lawrence Wittner

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  • Class Struggle or Get it in the Neck, Part 2 March 17, 2021
    Photo by Adham Ayesh/Shutterstock   David Barsamian: Let’s talk about historical memory. The 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Tribunal for high ranking Nazis was just marked. Robert Jackson, the chief U.S. prosecutor and Supreme Court Justice, said, “We must never forget that the record on which we judge these defendants is the record on which […]
    Noam Chomsky
  • 25 Years of GMOs, and Some New Insights from Argentina March 17, 2021
    The book, Seeds of Power, offers important insights on the complex dynamics of power and compliance and how they can play out in a broad national context
    Brian Tokar
  • GOP Offers Preview of Brutal Climate Policies in Texas March 17, 2021
    As Americans are subject to the brutal impacts of inevitable climate change, we face a clear choice: strong government intervention to save our lives, or a “survival of the fittest” dystopia
    Sonali Kolhatkar
  • The Good, The Bad and the Profound March 17, 2021
    It turns passive to active, increases a feeling of efficacy, and confronts the learned hopelessness many of us were taught
    Saskia Hostetler Lippy
  • Your Privileges Are Not Universal March 17, 2021
    We praise the hopes and struggles of the people, whose desire to advance history will cut through your repression
    Vijay Prashad
  • A Minimum Wage? A Fake Debate March 17, 2021
    The debate over the minimum wage has been lopsided for a very long time
    Richard D. Wolff
  • A Big Victory at FERC March 17, 2021
    Electrification of power sources, transportation vehicles and heating and cooling systems is absolutely essential to make a clean energy revolution in enough time to prevent escalating and massive, worldwide climate catastrophe
    Ted Glick
  • Dear Republicans, Was Your Deal With Trump Worth It? March 8, 2021
    The GOP and Trump deserve one another and have maintained a symbiotic relationship that has devastated the nation
    Sonali Kolhatkar
  • The Great Divider: Covid-19 Reflects Global Racism, Not Equality March 8, 2021
    Poor, dark-skinned people should not be made to die when their lives can be saved by a simple vaccine, which is available in abundance
    Ramzy Baroud
  • White Supremacy? It Goes To The Very Top Of The NRA March 8, 2021
    In January we saw the logical conclusion of the arm-yourself-against-government-tyranny rhetoric that the NRA promotes
    Martha Rosenberg

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  • Una extraña noción de “pequeño” October 14, 2021
    Gary Chartier. Título original: A Strange Understanding of Small, del 15 de enero 2016. Traducido al español por Antonio J. Ferrer. La vocera conservadora Laura Ingraham tiene una noción muy extraña de lo que es un gobierno pequeño. Desafortunadamente, no está sola. Cuando Nikki Haley presentó la respuesta republicana al último discurso de la Unión...
    Gary Chartier
  • Di Anarchismi e “Prove Viventi” October 10, 2021
    N_u_l_l | @N_u_l_l___. Articolo originale: On “Living Proof” and Anarchism, del 23 settembre 2021. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Mentre per noia facevo lo struscio su Youtube mi è capitato un video di HBomberGuy intitolato “Vaccines: A Measured Response”. Ascolto spesso HBomberGuy perché dice cose intelligenti sull’attualità, e credo che il messaggio finale di questo video...
  • Sobre o Embargo a Cuba e Livre Mercado October 10, 2021
    ​De Kevin Carson. Artigo original: On the Cuba Embargo, and Free Trade — Real and Imagined, de 26 de julho 2021. Traduzido para o português por Gabriel Serpa. A extensão dos danos econômicos causados pelo embargo a Cuba tem sido objeto de debate nos últimos tempos. Não estou interessado especificamente em Cuba, mas no que...
    Kevin Carson
  • Avanzar hacia la libertad October 10, 2021
    Darian Worden. Título original: Go Forward to Freedom, de 24 de mayo de 2021. Traducido al español por Camila Figueroa. A medida que más personas en Estados Unidos se vacunan contra el Covid-19 y las tasas de infección siguen bajando, muchos piensan en lo que viene después. ¿Se ha vuelto a la “normalidad”? ¿Existe ahora...
    Darian Worden
  • Même merde, autre fête du travail October 4, 2021
    Kevin Carson. Article original : Same Shit Different Labor Day, 30 septembre 2021 Traduction Française par Guadalupe Lopes. Les apologistes de droite du capitalisme semblent avoir pour habitude d’utiliser les fêtes pour véhiculer leurs arguments. À chaque Thanksgiving, Reason ressort le buncombe ahistorique de John Stossel sur la façon dont le communisme a presque tué...
    Kevin Carson
  • Hour Exchange: Spending Time in Portland (Maine) October 1, 2021
    Since 1971, when its convertibility into any precious metal was suspended, the US dollar has been a de facto fiat currency. Meaning, in this case, that its value is only maintained by government regulation. But what if money was based on something else? Like time. Well guess what? That project has been ongoing since at least...
    Eric Fleischmann
  • Review: Business as a System of Power September 28, 2021
    Business as a System of Power (1943) serves as both a great piece of economic history and comparative economics, and as an exploration of timeless principles and observations on the nature and political economy of business power. Robert A. Brady’s extremely informative study establishes how business communities from around the industrialized world began, and continued,...
    Alex Aragona
  • Altra Festa del Lavoro, Stesse Idiozie September 28, 2021
    Kevin Carson. Originale: Same Shit, Different Labor Day, del 13 settembre 2021. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. I libertari di destra apologeti del capitalismo usano le festività come pretesto per promuovere le loro teorie. Ogni anno per la Festa del Ringraziamento Reason riesuma l’antistorica bufala di John Stossel sui padri pellegrini, prima costretti alla fame dal...
    Kevin Carson
  • Los amigos de la extrema derecha del gobierno ruso September 28, 2021
    Citizen Ilya. Artículo original: Russian Government’s Far-Right Friends, de 18 de noviembre de 2020. Traducido al español por Camila Figueroa. Algunos de los líderes de la extrema derecha rusa son amigos íntimos de las autoridades del Estado ruso; algunos llevan mucho tiempo sentados dentro de los despachos. Estos amigos de la extrema derecha son un...
    Citizen Ilya