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  • William Scheuerman’s “A New American Labor Movement” (SUNY Press) January 16, 2022
    During 2021, there were signs of growing militancy in America’s beleaguered union movement, as thousands of workers went out on strike at John Deere, Kellogg’s, Nabisco, Frito-Lay, Volvo, Frontier Communications, New York University, and Columbia University, as did thousands more from the ranks of union carpenters, hospital workers, airport workers, and coal miners. Even so, […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and the World’s Future January 8, 2022
    Late January of this year will mark the first anniversary of the entry into force of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  This momentous international agreement, the result of a lengthy struggle by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and by many non-nuclear nations, bans developing, testing, producing, acquiring, possessing, […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • Ordering my thoughts about the “Back Better Act” December 25, 2021
    I’ve been trying to read the history of the processing of “The Back Better Act” in the Wikipedia. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Build_Back_Better_Act?wprov=sfti1). The Bill derived (it was an extracted part) from the American Jobs Plan, together with the Law for Investment in Infrastructure and Labor, and was part of a package of 3.5 trillion dollars, (later reduced to […]
  • About senator Joseph Manchin III, a damned dinasty December 23, 2021
    Joseph Manchin III (a dinasty, apparently) (Farmington, August, 1947) built part of his fortune as a coal trader, running Enersystem, a company he founded in 1989, at 40. Throughout his political career, he has dedicated himself to defending the interests of the fossil fuel industries. He’s been sabotaging Dem politics all his life (just have […]
  • About King Juan Carlos I of Spain status and fortune December 21, 2021
    I am not, in anyway, an unconditional supporter of  the Spanish Royal Household, but I have a long-lasting doubt that today, at last, I have dared to ask Professor Gerardo Pisarello (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerardo_Pisarello?wprov=sfti1). While posting crazily to Spanish Work Minister Yolanda Diaz Perez, who is somewhat of a Communist and presents herself as an alternative to […]

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  • Class Struggle or Get it in the Neck, Part 2 March 17, 2021
    Photo by Adham Ayesh/Shutterstock   David Barsamian: Let’s talk about historical memory. The 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Tribunal for high ranking Nazis was just marked. Robert Jackson, the chief U.S. prosecutor and Supreme Court Justice, said, “We must never forget that the record on which we judge these defendants is the record on which […]
    Noam Chomsky
  • 25 Years of GMOs, and Some New Insights from Argentina March 17, 2021
    The book, Seeds of Power, offers important insights on the complex dynamics of power and compliance and how they can play out in a broad national context
    Brian Tokar
  • GOP Offers Preview of Brutal Climate Policies in Texas March 17, 2021
    As Americans are subject to the brutal impacts of inevitable climate change, we face a clear choice: strong government intervention to save our lives, or a “survival of the fittest” dystopia
    Sonali Kolhatkar
  • The Good, The Bad and the Profound March 17, 2021
    It turns passive to active, increases a feeling of efficacy, and confronts the learned hopelessness many of us were taught
    Saskia Hostetler Lippy
  • Your Privileges Are Not Universal March 17, 2021
    We praise the hopes and struggles of the people, whose desire to advance history will cut through your repression
    Vijay Prashad
  • A Minimum Wage? A Fake Debate March 17, 2021
    The debate over the minimum wage has been lopsided for a very long time
    Richard D. Wolff
  • A Big Victory at FERC March 17, 2021
    Electrification of power sources, transportation vehicles and heating and cooling systems is absolutely essential to make a clean energy revolution in enough time to prevent escalating and massive, worldwide climate catastrophe
    Ted Glick
  • Dear Republicans, Was Your Deal With Trump Worth It? March 8, 2021
    The GOP and Trump deserve one another and have maintained a symbiotic relationship that has devastated the nation
    Sonali Kolhatkar
  • The Great Divider: Covid-19 Reflects Global Racism, Not Equality March 8, 2021
    Poor, dark-skinned people should not be made to die when their lives can be saved by a simple vaccine, which is available in abundance
    Ramzy Baroud
  • White Supremacy? It Goes To The Very Top Of The NRA March 8, 2021
    In January we saw the logical conclusion of the arm-yourself-against-government-tyranny rhetoric that the NRA promotes
    Martha Rosenberg

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  • Not an Essay, A Letter
    Some links to recent interviews that Charles Eisenstein feels quite good about
    Charles Eisenstein
  • Advocates Make Case for Expanding Main Street Meat Lockers
    Advocates for independent rural farmers are urging state lawmakers to beef up mom-and-pop meat processing and storage capacity using American Rescue Plan dollars.
    Eric Galatas
  • Led by Jeremy Corbyn, the British Left Opposes Vaccine Mandates as Anti-Worker and Repressive
    The term "anti-vax" has expanded so widely that even vaccine advocates, such as Corbyn and trade unions, are now included by virtue of defending bodily autonomy.
  • Monsanto Agrees to Plead Guilty to Illegally Using Pesticide at Corn Growing Fields in Hawaii and to Pay Additional $12 Million
    Company also Agrees to Plead Guilty to Felony Offenses Related to Banned Pesticide Alleged in $10 Million Deferred Prosecution Agreement Filed in 2019
  • What the VAERS Data Tell Us About COVID Jab Safety
    Jessica Rose, Ph.D., a research fellow at the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge in Israel, has taken a deep-dive into the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), and in this interview she shares the details of what she’s finding.
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • Looking Backward
    The three words that perhaps best describe 2020-2021 are diabolical, insane, and tragic. The good news, however, is that there are unmistakable signs of awakening, resistance, natural immunity, and Regeneration emerging as we move into 2022 and beyond.The lab-engineered pandemic, COVID-19, a diabolical, Chinese-American chimera of genetic engineering, vaccine profiteering, and “dual-use” bioweaponry, appears to […]
    Ronnie Cummins
  • Ultraprocessed Food Makes You Vulnerable to COVID-19
    As the world deals with the scope of the COVID-19 pandemic, scientific articles have zeroed in on who is most vulnerable to the virus. It appears those who are elderly, overweight and suffer from an underlying health condition like diabetes or high blood pressure are most at risk. But the consumption of ultraprocessed food is […]
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • The Real Reason They Want to Give COVID Jabs to Kids
    In this interview, Alix Mayer explains why our children are being so aggressively targeted for the COVID-19 injection even though they’re not at risk of serious SARS-CoV-2 infection, and clarifies the status of Comirnaty.
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • World Council for Health Reveals Spike Protein Detox
    Have you had COVID-19 or received a COVID-19 injection? Then you likely have dangerous spike proteins circulating in your body. While spike protein is naturally found in SARS-CoV-2, no matter the variant, it’s also produced in your body when you receive a COVID-19 shot. In its native form in SARS-CoV-2, the spike protein is responsible […]
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • Regeneration 2022: Requiem or Revival?
    “Regenerative agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the climate crisis and the crisis of democracy.” - Vandana Shiva, Regeneration International Co-Founder.In September 2014, at the massive Climate March in New York City, a small but determined band of organic food, farm, natural health, and climate activists marched in the streets and […]
    Ronnie Cummins
  • GMO Labeling is Finally Here (Sort Of)
    As of Jan. 1, food makers are now required to disclose their use of GMOs on packaged food labels. Even supporters of mandatory labeling are grumpy about it.
    Helena Bottemiller Evich
  • Genetically Modified Organisms: Is the European Commission Putting Big Business Before Environment?
    While Europe’s environment ministers are set to discuss for the first time the deregulation of a new generation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Friends of the Earth Europe has presented a new investigation on what it says truly lies beneath big agribusiness corporations’ push for EU deregulation of new GMOs.
  • Totalitarian Trajectory vs. Courage: A Conversation with Charles Eisenstein
    Last week, I had the great joy of interviewing brilliant Charles Eisenstein for my podcast, Make Language Great Again. I really loved how our conversation went, and I am very happy to share it with you.
    Tessa Lena
  • The Virus Hunters
    The ongoing pursuit of deadly viruses that have yet to infect people is unlikely to prevent infectious diseases from emerging or help us cope with them when they do. Instead, they say, there are several ways this research could set off the next pandemic — and could have, in fact, led to this one.
    Sharon Lerner
  • The Truth about Japan and Ivermectin
    As Japan’s rates surged in the Summer of 2021, Dr. Haruo Ozaki of the Toyko MMA recommended to the public that they begin to use Ivermectin to stop the Pandemic.

RSS Center For A Stateless Society

  • Laurance Labadie’s “Letter to Mother Earth” January 17, 2022
    Letter to Mother Earth Believing that the attempt to make labor-time a standard for a monetary unit a fallacy and bound to fail in practice, I submit a few questions and observations. Whose labor is to be used as a standard, the efficient or the inefficient man’s? Take any product you may, say shoes. John...
    Eric Fleischmann
  • “El problema del dinero a la luz de la libertad” de Laurance Labadie January 15, 2022
    De Eric Fleischmann. Artículo original: Laurance Labadie’s “The Money Problem In the Light of Liberty” del 12 de enero de 2022. Traducido al español por Camila Figueroa. El problema del dinero a la luz de la libertad Muchas personas reflexivas son cada vez más conscientes de que las depresiones industriales son causadas principalmente por un...
    Eric Fleischmann
  • Totalitarismo Processuale January 13, 2022
    Di ZH. Originale pubblicato il 20 dicembre 2021 con il titolo Process Totalitarianism. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. La parola totalitarismo fa pensare a un dittatore che detta il proprio volere a burocrati e prefetti, i quali poi eseguono diligentemente. Fa pensare ai nazisti, ai sovietici staliniani, o ai tanti dittatori della fantasia popolare, come l’impero...
  • John Locke ve Mülkiyet Haklarının Sözde Metafizik Gerçekliği January 13, 2022
    “Okumak üzere olduğunuz makale, Can Standke tarafından kaleme alınmış ve Faruk Pak tarafından Türkçe ‘ye çevrilmiştir. 1 Ocak 2021 Tarihinde “John Locke and the Supposedly Metaphysical Reality of Property Rights” başlığı altında yayınlanmıştır. İster emeği bir zenginlik kaynağı olarak gören Adam Smith olsun, isterse Karl Marx’ın emeğin insanlığı oluşturduğu iddiası olsun, emeğin çeşitli nitelendirmeleri ortaya...
    Can Standke
  • Laurance Labadie’s “The Money Problem In the Light of Liberty” January 12, 2022
    The Money Problem In the Light of Liberty Many thoughtful people are more and more aware that industrial depressions are caused chiefly by faulty control of money and credit. Most “reformers,” or those who recommend measures to remedy this, turn to government for issue and control of money. It is my purpose here to briefly...
    Eric Fleischmann
  • Partition & Entanglement January 11, 2022
    Partition & Entanglement: Review of Home Rule by Nandita Sharma “The entire, eons-long practice of human  movement  into  new  places  was  pushed  out  of  our  imagination — or,  perhaps more accurately, was reimagined as a national security threat. In the process, stasis was glorified as the normative way of being human.” “Only after the death...
    William Gillis
  • Laurance Labadie’s “Money and Your Freedom” January 8, 2022
    Money and Your Freedom Dear Ron and Laura: Don has been East for a while and dropped in last night. Among other things he brought me up to date on your thinking and plants. I knew that my blast, when I was out to see you, would upset you. But I thought [it] worth while...
    Eric Fleischmann
  • An Abolitionist Approach to Reactionary Violence January 6, 2022
    An Abolitionist Approach to Reactionary Violence: Lessons from the Kyle Rittenhouse Case On August 25th, 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse shot two people dead and injured one at a protest against the police murder of Jacob Blake. Though this event (and the trial proceedings that follow) will be the main focus of this article, my analysis and...
  • Şah mat Anarşistler January 5, 2022
    Okumak üzere olduğunuz makale, Alex Aragona tarafından kaleme alınmış ve Faruk Pak tarafından Türkçe ’ye çevrilmiştir. 12 Ağustos 2021 tarihinde Checkmate Anarchists başlığı altında yayınlanmıştır. Anarşistlerin sıklıkla duyacağı bir itiraz, genel bir anarşist ilkeler dizisinin teoride çekici olduğu, ancak pratikte insan ilişkilerinin her zaman organize karar almaya, kuralların ve yasaların oluşturulmasına ve sonuç olarak hiyerarşi...
    Alex Aragona