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  • Reviving the Nuclear Disarmament Movement: A Practical Proposal December 8, 2018
    In late November 2018, Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned public intellectual, remarked that “humanity faces two imminent existential threats:  environmental catastrophe and nuclear war.” Curiously, although a widespread environmental movement has developed to save the planet from accelerating climate change, no counterpart has emerged to take on the rising danger of nuclear disaster.  Indeed, this danger―exemplified […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • Debunking the Times on Bush I:s foreign policy record December 2, 2018
    Below is a list of the most blatant pieces of deception concerning George H.W. Bush’s foreign policy record, reported in Adam Nagourney’s commemorative NYT piece. Nagourney writes that ”Environmental groups praised Mr. Bush’s record on climate change and the environment. As president, he signed the United States to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate […]
    Anton Glaving
  • “No Deal” Brexit predictions, GDP, average incomes, austerity and the CLIMATE CRISIS November 30, 2018
    If Bill Gates walks into a room full of factory workers then the average income of everybody in the room skyrockets. It would skyrocket even if everybody else in the room were going bankrupt as Gates entered. Similarly, the average income of the people in the room would plummet as Gates walked out the door even […]
    Joe Emersberger
  • Elected Constituent Assembly in Venezuela provoked International Outrage, not the illegal handpicked one in Ecuador November 22, 2018
    “CONAIE and CREO direct the new National Electoral Council“  announces a headline yesterday in the rightwing Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo. CONAIE is a self-declared “left” federation representing indigenous peoples in Ecuador. CREO is the party of the “defeated” right wing presidential candidate in 2017. I put “defeated” in quotes because CREO’s electoral defeat – which they stupidly […]
    Joe Emersberger
  • An unhandsome toil November 21, 2018
    Here are poetic tangents – mine with Lorde’s and Rukeyser’s – to a podcast I heard last night: a tribute paid to Eqbal Ahmad by his friend, Edward Said. Said contrasted his personal ‘filiation’ with his ‘affiliation’ in relation to Ahmad and the world of idea(l)s, Ahmad’s unceasing commitment to the creative versus mere politics, […]
    Huzaifa Zoomkawala

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  • Threatening Iran October 18, 2018
    While Iran does not have nuclear weapons, North Korea does. That is North Korea’s insurance policy against U.S. military aggression
    Marjorie Cohn
  • Flat Wages October 18, 2018
    As long we continue to fail to question the world economic system, our conditions will only worsen
    Pete Dolack
  • Getting the Story Wrong: The Distortion of American Politics by the Press October 18, 2018
    Ever since the foundation of the American Republic, there has been both praise for and suspicion of the press
    Lawrence Wittner
  • Is The U.S. Voting System Secure? October 18, 2018
    The degradation of American society since 1980 has been deliberate and ruthless...
    William Boardman
  • A Tribute to Ron Dellums, Radical October 18, 2018
    Ron Dellums appreciated the struggle against racism is permanently joined with those against sexism, militarism, and capitalism
    Peter Cole
  • Trade War for Real? Parts 2, 3 October 18, 2018
    How China will respond to more U.S. tariffs and technology transfer is the crux of any U.S.-China trade agreement—or trade war
    Jack Rasmus
  • Trump Administration’s Warped View of Religious Freedom Abroad October 18, 2018
    Religious freedom arguments are increasingly being used to challenge anti-discrimination policies and access to services
    Claire Provost
  • Political Authoritarianism October 18, 2018
    Halt the spread of political authoritarianism takes honest, dedicated, courageous and persistent engagement, ranging from education and organization to direct activism, carefully honed for effectiveness under prevailing circumstances
    Noam Chomsky
  • Marching for Peace October 18, 2018
    As the “war on terror” generation comes of age, their status quo is perpetual war, a complete brainwashing that war is inevitable
    Maya Evans
  • Nuclear Power & Climate October 18, 2018
    The great environmental challenge of our time is to understand that the many sources of biodestruction are interconnected and must be confronted simultaneously, rather than disparaging one danger to focus on another
    Don Fitz


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  • What Is Behind the Spread of a Mysterious Allergy to Meat?
    The story begins with a cancer drug called cetuximab, which came on to the market in 2004. Cetuximab is a protein grown in cells taken from mice. For any new drug, there are likely to be a few people that react badly to it, and that was true for cetuximab.
    Maryn McKenna
  • Through Regenerative Agriculture, Dr. Bronner's Is Setting a New Example
    On “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” David Bronner, Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO) of Dr. Bronner’s, talks about how the natural products company is setting a new standard for companies at the First Annual San Diego Food Tank Summit. Dr. Bronner’s is passionate about their place in the global market, promoting best agriculture practices and using all profits […]
  • Plague: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth About Human Retroviruses and Chronic Disease
    Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., a virologist, researcher and founding research director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute — which researches and treats chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in Reno, Nevada — got embroiled in controversy when, in 2009, she was the senior author on a paper which reported that a retrovirus known as xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) may […]
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • The Best Technology for Fighting Climate Change Isn't a Technology
    The latest IPCC report does not mince words about the state of our planet: we must act now to achieve global change at a scale that has “no documented historical precedent” in order to avoid the climate catastrophe that would result from a 2 degree C rise in average global temperature.
    Han de Groot
  • Rich Nations Aren't 'Paying Their Fair Share' to Mitigate the Climate Crisis, Says Report Released at COP24
    Rich countries—and the United States in particular—aren’t “paying their fair share” in terms of taking concrete actions to mitigate the global climate crisis, according to an independent review released at the COP24 talks in Poland, where world leaders are discussing how to meet the aims of the Paris agreement.
    Jessica Corbett
  • Lawmakers Question U.S. Position on Antibiotic Use in Livestock
    A delegation of U.S. government officials is poised to begin meetings in South Korea next week to hash out international guidelines for countering the overuse of antibiotics in farm animals. But the draft is already causing an uproar because it appears to be weaker than current U.S. policy, which allows such drugs to prevent or treat […]
    Andrew Martin
  • Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Are Pushing a Bold New Plan to Tackle Climate Change
    In a livestreamed town hall event, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez laid out the best hope yet to stave off climate disaster and transform our economy: A Green New Deal. And now it’s gaining support in Congress.
    Miles Kampf-Lassin
  • Winona Laduke Calls for Indigenous-Led 'Green New Deal' As She Fights Minnesota Pipeline Expansion
    While world leaders converge in Poland for the U.N. climate change summit, we look at the indigenous-led fight against destructive oil pipelines and the revolutionary potential of the Green New Deal with Winona LaDuke, Ojibwe environmental leader and executive director of the group Honor the Earth.
  • Agroforestry 'Home Gardens' Build Community Resilience in Southern Ethiopia
    A small village 370 kilometers (230 miles) south of the capital, Addis Ababa, Bule is believed to be the birthplace of traditional “home garden” agroforestry in Ethiopia. Bule farmers still practice this ancient multi-storied agroforestry system — the growing of trees, shrubs and annual crops together in a forest-mimicking system — around their homesteads, hence the name home […]
    Tesfa-Alem Tekle
  • Groundwater Scarcity, Pollution Set India on Perilous Course
    Doula Village lies 55 kilometers (34 miles) northeast of New Delhi on a flat expanse of Uttar Pradesh farmland close to the Hindon River. Until the 1980s Doula Village’s residents, then numbering 7,000, and its farmers and grain merchants, thrived on land that yielded ample harvests of rice, millet, and mung beans.
    Keith Schneider
  • Record-High Carbon Emissions Show 'We Are Speeding Towards the Precipice of Irrevocable Climate Chaos'
    As world leaders are meeting at the COP24 in Poland to discuss how to achieve goals outlined in the 2015 Paris climate agreement, scientists and activists are raising alarm about "brutal" new research published by the Global Carbon Project on Wednesday which offers the international community a "reality check" by showing that carbon emissions will hit a […]
    Jessica Corbett
  • Climate Jobs for All: A Key Building Block for the Green New Deal
    It was an iconic moment: Young people occupy Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s office demanding a Green New Deal to put millions of people to work making a climate-safe economy—when suddenly newly-elected Congressional representative and overnight media star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joins them with a resolution in hand to establish a Select Committee for a Green New Deal.
    Jeremy Brecher
  • Did Dow Chemical Fake Safety Studies on Brain-Damaging Chlorpyrifos?
    We’ve known for a while that Monsanto buried the truth about Roundup weedkiller by ignoring concerns by its own scientists. Now it seems Dow Chemical Co. has been using the same playbook.Dow (renamed DowDuPont after its 2017 merger with DuPont) likely knew for decades that its widely used chlorpyrifos insecticide is harmful to humans—especially children […]
    Julie Wilson
  • Digging Deeper: Going Beneath the Headlines
    Instructions on the packaging of Monsanto’s biggest-selling weed killers Roundup and RangerPro tell you to wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, shoes, and socks. They tell you to wash your hands before “eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco, or using the toilet.” But there is no warning that exposure to even trace amounts of these pesticides […]
    Anna Lappé
  • They Will Build It
    It’s before dawn on a late August morning, the Washington sky blanched with smoke drifting from distant wildfires, and Molly Alves and David Bailey have caught a beaver. The two biologists haul the ornery package of fat and fur, still penned into the trap that closed around him overnight like a giant clam, up the banks […]
    Ben Goldfarb

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  • Bolsonaro, il Brasile e le Pericolose Miopie Mercatiste December 12, 2018
    Di Ruairi McCallan. Originale pubblicato il 5 dicembre 2018 con il titolo Bolsonaro, Brazil & the Dangers of Free-Market Myopia. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Quando Jair Bolsonaro è stato eletto presidente del Brasile, molti hanno reagito prevedibilmente: choc, orrore, e incredulità per l’ascesa al potere di uno come Bolsonaro, un uomo che elogia apertamente il...
    Enrico Sanna
  • Review: Superintelligence — Paths, Dangers, Strategies December 7, 2018
    No, no, no. What if we’re not doomed that way? Nick Bostrom is one of my favorite academic philosophers; beyond pairing rigor with audacity, he’s one of the few to grasp and explore the philosophical avenues opened up by modern scientific understanding. But in the last decade Bostrom has shot to some prominence not for...
    William Gillis
  • I Limiti della Correttezza Imposta December 6, 2018
    Di Lynn James. Originale pubblicato il 27 novembre 2018 con il titolo On the Limits of “Just Being Polite”. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Poche sono le cose più intrinseche all’essere umano della comunicazione. Attivismi, politica, filosofia riposano saldamente sulla nostra capacità di spiegarci. Jürgen Habermas, in Etica del Discorso, arriva a porre la capacità di...
    Enrico Sanna
  • Bolsonaro, Brazil & the Dangers of Free-Market Myopia December 5, 2018
    When Jair Bolsonaro became president-elect of Brazil, the reaction from many was as expected: shock, horror, and questions over just how Bolsonaro — a man who openly praised Brazil’s past dictatorship — came to power.  Less expected was the ringing endorsement of Bolsonaro from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Praising Bolsonaro’s ability to give progressives,...
    Ruairi McCallan
  • Contro il Voto December 2, 2018
    Di William Gillis. Originale pubblicato il 20 novembre 2018 con il titolo The Case Against Voting. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Un’altra elezione è passata, con gli inevitabili socialisti libertari come Chomsky che sgridano noi anarchici perché non votiamo. Detto francamente, che il risultato delle elezioni conti è vero. A meno che non crediate in un...
    Enrico Sanna
  • Queer Defense in Brazil November 30, 2018
    BACKSTORY Brazil is the country with the highest rate of travesti/trans* murders. In 2017, Brazil accounted for 52% of the deaths registered by International Transgender Europe (TGEU): 179 travesti/trans* people were murdered in 2017.  Alarmingly, the new political scenario is contributing to a further rise in violence against vulnerable populations. (Note: Travesti is a Latin-American...
    Emmi Bevensee
  • On the Limits of “Just Being Polite” November 27, 2018
    There are few things more intrinsic to what we do as humans than communication. Activism, politics, and philosophy rest heavily on our ability to effectively engage in meaningful discourse. Jürgen Habermas even claims in Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action that communication is foundational to morality and freedom. All that philosophy jargon aside, the way we...
    Lynn James
  • The Megamachines Are False Specters — A Response To Gelderloos November 26, 2018
    I think it’s a shame that anarchists don’t write more on either geopolitics or analyses of the future; over the last two centuries our greatest successes have come from our imagination and foresight. For this reason I applaud Peter Gelderloos’ recent attempted forecast, published in a variety of forms by Crimethinc. There’s much to agree...
    William Gillis
  • Il Futuro del Proudhonismo Digitale November 23, 2018
    Di Frank Miroslav. Originale pubblicato il 24 settembre 2018 con il titolo The Future of Digital Proudhonism. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Un recente articolo di Gavin Mueller per boundary 2 online journal, “Digital Proudhonism” è una critica marxista di quello che Mueller definisce “proudhonismo digitale”, un termine generico che indica chi crede che la tecnologia...
    Enrico Sanna