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  • Opposition to Abolishing Nuclear Weapons–and What Could Help to Overcome It March 28, 2021
    Given the fact that nuclear war means the virtual annihilation of life on earth, it’s remarkable that many people continue to resist building a nuclear weapons-free world.  Is the human race suicidal? Before jumping to that conclusion, let’s remember that considerably more people favor abolishing nuclear weapons than oppose it.  Public opinion surveys—ranging from polls […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • The U.S. Government Should Promote the General Welfare March 14, 2021
    An event revealing a great deal about the kind of government Americans want occurred this March, when members of the U.S. Congress voted on the American Rescue Plan.  This legislation, staunchly supported by the Democrats, provided federal funding for the provision of life-saving vaccines, the re-opening of public schools, expanded benefits to the unemployed, a […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • Maria Páez de Victor: Eight Years Without President Chávez March 7, 2021
    This superb speech by Venezuelan-Canadian scholar Maria Páez de Victor should soon be up on  www.NoSanctions.org , but I decided to post it here so I can spreading it around right away. **** Talk given in Webinar: US/Canada: HANDS OFF VENEZUELA, END SANCTIONS ON VENEZUELA NOW! March 5th 2021 Today is the 8th anniversary of the untimely […]
    Joe Emersberger
  • A Rapidly Globalizing World Needs Strengthened Global Governance February 26, 2021
    The world is currently engulfed in crises—most prominently, a disease pandemic, a climate catastrophe, and the prevalence of war—while individual nations are encountering enormous difficulties in coping with them. These difficulties result from the global nature of the problems.  An individual nation is unable to institute adequate measures to safeguard public health because diseases spread […]
    Lawrence Wittner
  • The Great Evasion January 17, 2021
    Two related events—the 75th anniversary of the January 24, 1946 UN General Assembly Resolution 1 (which established a commission to plan for the abolition of nuclear weapons) and the January 22, 2021 entry into force of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (designed to finally implement that goal)—should be a cause for […]
    Lawrence Wittner

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  • Class Struggle or Get it in the Neck, Part 2 March 17, 2021
    Photo by Adham Ayesh/Shutterstock   David Barsamian: Let’s talk about historical memory. The 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Tribunal for high ranking Nazis was just marked. Robert Jackson, the chief U.S. prosecutor and Supreme Court Justice, said, “We must never forget that the record on which we judge these defendants is the record on which […]
    Noam Chomsky
  • 25 Years of GMOs, and Some New Insights from Argentina March 17, 2021
    The book, Seeds of Power, offers important insights on the complex dynamics of power and compliance and how they can play out in a broad national context
    Brian Tokar
  • GOP Offers Preview of Brutal Climate Policies in Texas March 17, 2021
    As Americans are subject to the brutal impacts of inevitable climate change, we face a clear choice: strong government intervention to save our lives, or a “survival of the fittest” dystopia
    Sonali Kolhatkar
  • The Good, The Bad and the Profound March 17, 2021
    It turns passive to active, increases a feeling of efficacy, and confronts the learned hopelessness many of us were taught
    Saskia Hostetler Lippy
  • Your Privileges Are Not Universal March 17, 2021
    We praise the hopes and struggles of the people, whose desire to advance history will cut through your repression
    Vijay Prashad
  • A Minimum Wage? A Fake Debate March 17, 2021
    The debate over the minimum wage has been lopsided for a very long time
    Richard D. Wolff
  • A Big Victory at FERC March 17, 2021
    Electrification of power sources, transportation vehicles and heating and cooling systems is absolutely essential to make a clean energy revolution in enough time to prevent escalating and massive, worldwide climate catastrophe
    Ted Glick
  • Dear Republicans, Was Your Deal With Trump Worth It? March 8, 2021
    The GOP and Trump deserve one another and have maintained a symbiotic relationship that has devastated the nation
    Sonali Kolhatkar
  • The Great Divider: Covid-19 Reflects Global Racism, Not Equality March 8, 2021
    Poor, dark-skinned people should not be made to die when their lives can be saved by a simple vaccine, which is available in abundance
    Ramzy Baroud
  • White Supremacy? It Goes To The Very Top Of The NRA March 8, 2021
    In January we saw the logical conclusion of the arm-yourself-against-government-tyranny rhetoric that the NRA promotes
    Martha Rosenberg

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RSS Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

  • Bill Gates Food Tracker
    Planning documents for the controversial 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit shed new light on its agenda. Farmers' and human rights groups say agribusiness interests and elite foundations are dominating the process to push through an agenda that would enable the exploitation of global food systems, and especially Africa. 
    Stacy Malkan
  • Joint Statement on the WHO-Convened COVID-19 Origins Study
    A number of governments from around the world support a transparent and independent analysis and evaluation, free from interference and undue influence, of the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. They join in expressing shared concerns regarding the recent WHO-convened study in China.
    Office of the Spokesperson
  • Black Farmers Speak Out Against the 'Festering Wound' of Racism in Agriculture
    For the first time in US history, members of the House agriculture committee heard from Black farmers on the impact of systemic discrimination by the department of agriculture (USDA).
    Summer Sewell
  • How To Issue Wildlife-Friendly Proclamations in Your Community
    Wildlife and humans can and should co-exist in sustainable, healthy communities. Community leaders such as mayors, city councilors, county commissioners, and municipal staff across the country are making the connection between healthy, sustainable human communities and wildlife conservation by issuing wildlife-friendly proclamations that promote resident engagement around wildlife conservation and habitat restoration.
    Samantha Miller
  • Court Rules Against Tyson in False and Misleading Advertising Case
    Tyson’s Motion to Dismiss rejected, Case Will Move ForwardContact:Katherine Paul, katherine@organicconsumers.org, 207-653-3090Zach Corrigan, zcorrigan@fwwatch.org, 202-276-0159 
  • European Green Deal: Commission Presents Actions To Boost Organic Production
    Organic production comes with a number of important benefits: organic fields have around 30% more biodiversity, organically farmed animals enjoy a higher degree of animal welfare and take less antibiotics, organic farmers have higher incomes and are more resilient, and consumers know exactly what they are getting thanks to the EU organic logo. The Action […]
  • We Sampled Tap Water Across the US – and Found Arsenic, Lead and Toxic Chemicals
    In Connecticut, a condo had lead in its drinking water at levels more than double what the federal government deems acceptable. At a church in North Carolina, the water was contaminated with extremely high levels of potentially toxic PFAS chemicals (a group of compounds found in hundreds of household products). The water flowing into a […]
    Ryan Felton
  • 5 Countries, Including U.S., Waive Safety Regulations for New Gene-Edited Corn
    At least five countries — Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile and the U.S. — have approved a variety of maize genetically modified (GM) with a genome editing technique called CRISPR, without subjecting the crop to the risk assessments and regulations for GM crops. Other countries could soon follow.
  • The Seeds of Vandana Shiva
    Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., is a physicist and activist who works tirelessly to defend the environment and protect biodiversity from multinational corporations. Her life's work has culminated in the creation of seed banks that may one day save future generations' food sovereignty, but how she got there is a fascinating story, chronicled in the documentary "The […]
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal in New York
    Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill legalizing recreational marijuana on Wednesday, making New York the 16th state to do so. Cuomo signed the bill a day after it passed in the State Legislature.
    Matt Stieb, Chas Danner
  • Big Meat and Dairy Companies Have Spent Millions Lobbying Against Climate Action, a New Study Finds
    Top U.S. meat and dairy companies, along with livestock and agricultural lobbying groups, have spent millions campaigning against climate action and sowing doubt about the links between animal agriculture and climate change, according to new research from New York University.
    Georgina Gustin
  • 'A Sip Can Kill': Did a Chemical Company Misrepresent Data To Avoid Making a Safer Product?
    Around the world, the deadly dangers of a weedkiller called paraquat are well known. When working with the highly toxic herbicide, farmers and other users take care not to splash or spill even small amounts of the product, heeding regulatory warnings that just a tiny amount – if swallowed – will kill them.
    Carey Gillam
  • Seaspiracy Harms More Than It Educates
    The new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy opens with suspenseful music as a fishing boat chugs along. Quick cuts. Guns. Tuna. Danger. Life or death stakes. We’re introduced to filmmaker and main character Ali Tabrizi. Tabrizi is a Brit in his 20s driven by curiosity, passion, and a yearning to discover the one crucial reason the ocean he loves […]
    Josh Silberg
  • Frequent Flyers Should Pay More to Save the Climate
    Although low-cost high-volume air travel has grown hugely this century, only a small proportion of the population, mostly in the world’s richest countries, ever take a flight – the frequent flyers who can afford to do so.It is estimated that less than 20% of the world’s population has set foot on a plane, and of […]
    Paul Brown
  • What if the Former CDC Director Is Right About the Wuhan Labs?
    We must reckon with uncomfortable realities and potentially explosive questions — questions such as: What if Robert Redfield is right about the Wuhan labs? Given the situation and the questions at hand, we have no choice but to pursue all possible theories and accept whatever truth the facts lead to.
    Josh Rogin

RSS Center For A Stateless Society

  • De volta ao básico: O que é agorismo e contra-economia? April 17, 2021
    De Nick Ford. Artigo original: Back to Basics: What is Agorism and Counter-Economics? de 2 de setembro de 2016. Traduzido para o português por Iann Zorkot. I: O que é agorismo? Há muito do que eu chamaria de discussão “201” sobre agorismo neste simpósio, mas acho útil dar um passo atrás e garantir que não...
  • Minacce alla Sicurezza: L’industria delle bande April 17, 2021
    Di Sean Swain. Originale: Security Threat Groups: The Industry of Gangs, del 12 aprile 2021. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Dall’originale trasmesso sul Final Straw Radio Show e pubblicato su It’s Going Down. Sostenete Sean Swain contattando i membri del consiglio sulla libertà vigilata e chiedendo la clemenza — link — e/o donate tramite GoFundMe—link. Nelle...
    Sean Swain
  • Melting Mountains of Ice April 14, 2021
    A No-Government Doctrine for the 21st Century Almost everyone today accepts at least one utopian idea: that slavery is so morally unacceptable that the practice must be stomped out wherever found, and any institution that depends upon it must immediately crumble. It’s probably even an understatement to just say people accept that idea. It’s the...
    Jason Lee Byas
  • Different Kinds and Degrees of Private Censorship Matter April 13, 2021
    Freedom of thought, belief, opinion, and speech can be controlled and regulated by private forces in certain ways. In a previous piece, I presented some thoughts on that, and how private power can tilt the marketplace of ideas. However, my primary focus wasn’t to differentiate between degrees of private censorship. As a complement to the...
    Alex Aragona
  • Security Threat Groups: The Industry Of Gangs April 12, 2021
    In Ohio prisons, pretty much everyone is in a gang whether they’re in a gang or not. If you’re an Ohio prisoner and you’re not in a gang, prison administrators will put you in one. And if there’s no gang for you, they’ll just create a new one. The reason is, it’s a federal bloc...
    Sean Swain
  • GameStop, Capitalisme i llibertat April 11, 2021
    Per David S. D’Amato. Font: GameStop, Capitalism and Freedom. 15 de Febrer 2021. Traduït per Manel Finestres. Els experts de Wall Street l’han qualificat com un dels “short squeeze” més extrems de les últimes dècades: A finals de gener, les accions de la botiga de videojocs GameStop es van disparar degut a que els usuaris...
    David S. D'Amato
  • O Que é Justiça? April 9, 2021
    De Cayce Jamil. Artigo original:  What is Justice? Traduzido para o português por Gabriel Serpa. Se você escutar a um protesto, provavelmente ouvirá frases relacionadas à obtenção de justiça, tais como sem justiça, não há paz. Entretanto, o que se entende pelo termo justiça não está claro. Alguns presumem que o termo significa que reparações diretas...
    Cayce Jamil
  • Agorismo do Mercado Branco April 7, 2021
    De Logan Marie Glitterbomb. Artigo original: White Market Agorism de 22 de janeiro de 2020. Traduzido para o português por Iann Zorkot. Dentro de qualquer movimento político definido para mudar radicalmente a sociedade, sempre surge um debate sobre a melhor forma de atingir esses objetivos. Devemos nos unir para uma greve geral? Devemos nos retirar...
    Logan Marie Glitterbomb
  • Help Reprieve! April 5, 2021
    Human rights advocacy and legal support non-profit Reprieve is raising funds in order to, “help fund the work of […] investigators, lawyers and campaigners fighting for justice around the world.” They offer legal support to inmates who are being held illegally and fight for the rights of victims of illegal drone strikes. We think they’re...